Newsbin and Sickbeard Setup

June 17, 2013

Newsbin and Sickbeard SetupSickbeard, the popular USENET PVR, can work with Newsbin, but it takes a bit of setup. The following instructions will show you how to get these two programs to cooperate with one another, allowing you to get the best features of both.

Get NZBs the Automatic Way

Sickbeard can download your NZB files for you automatically. Here’s how you set it up.

Open up your Sickbeard NZB/Torrent Options and set the options so that Sickbeard is downloading to a specific destination on your hard drive. You can set this to whatever you want. The “What to do with found NZB” line should read “Blackhole” and you need to set the Black Hole directory yourself. – Also read detailed review of Sickbeard here

Newsbin and Sickbeard Setup1

On Newsbin, set the location for NZB downloads to the “master folder” on the Newsbin Options page. Set the options so that each NZB you download makes its own directory under the master folder.

Newsbin and Sickbeard Setup2

Go back to Sickbeard and set the program to post-process downloads. In the Download Dir box, select the Newsbin directory. Click the checkboxes for “Rename episodes” and “Scan & Process TV Download Dir”.

Newsbin and Sickbeard Setup3

The way this will work is simple. Sickbeard will look for your NZB files. When it finds them, they go to the Black Hole directory you specified. Newsbin will take a look at this directory when you start it up and start downloading any NZB files that Sickbeard found.

Newsbin will also move your files to the directory you specified and take care of renaming and adding other information to the files, as well.

Know more about Newsbin here

Why Do This?

If you’re a Newsbin user, you might want to take this route instead of going with the SABnzbd/Sickbeard option. Some users find it more convenient and it has the added benefit of not requiring the SABnzbd process to be running in the background. Newsbin just takes care of the downloads when you open it up, allowing you a bit more control.

In the end, you should have the videos that you want with all the appropriate metadata added to the files so that you can sort through and enjoy them easily. This automation setup is easy and fast and allows you to see what Sickbeard and Newsbin can do when they’re set up to work together.

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