NBRemote Install Tutorial – Instructions, Tips And Tricks

We’ve told you about the release of the newest NewsBin app to the app store, NBRemote, but in that announcement we didn’t have enough room to add the installation instructions…well, here they are, but you will need to handle a couple of small details first, we outlined these then, but just in case you missed that article, here they are again:

A registered copy of NewsBin Pro, version 6.11 or later. The RC’s and beta releases will work, but not the free version.
The computer and client in question must be connected to your local network Wifi.
A Wifi connection that your mobile Apple device is connected to.

That makes it pretty simple for most of us, if you don’t have a registered version, then you should consider subscribing for one of the best Usenet newsreaders available today.

Getting Ready To Install Your Remote Control

You’ll need to set up your NewsBin Pro client. Nothing complicated or difficult, simply do this:

  • Open NewsBin Pro, then select Options from the menu.
  • When the Options window presents itself, from the menu on the right, select œRemote Control.
  • In the next window, you will need to check the box to nable the remote control function.
  • Once the remote control function is activated, you will need to make a note of the port that the client will be using, usually port 118, but you can change this if you would like.
  • Enter in the password you want for the remote access, make a note of this also.

IP’s, NewsBin Pro Serial Number, And Downloading The Client

You’re going to need the IP address of the machine you want to control, here’s how to find it. Open a command prompt window, every version of windows has the shortcut in different places, but they all have one. The type in the command prompt window, œipconfig (without the quotes,) then you will be presented with all the IP addresses your machine is associated with. It will look something like: 123.456.78.90, make a note of it.

To get the serial number you will need to enter, you will need to open the client, click on the help menu, then select the about option. Copy that number down with all the other info you have been making note of. Once you have the IP address and serial number you are going to need, then it’s time to download the client to your mobile device if you haven’t already done it.

On To The Nitty Gritty

Pic 1

Click on the icon and get the client installed, the default options are going to be good for the first start. Once the client is installed, then start it. You will get a screen like the one here on the right (Pic 1.)

Click on the OK button, then select œSettings. You’ll get the screen in Pic 2. Click œAdd NewsBin Server.

Pic 2

Now you’ll get the screen from Pic 3…you will need to enter the information you have been

collecting now. Give the connection a description, add the IP address you noted in the server address field, the port number, (default is 118 unless you changed it,) put the serial number of your NewsBin Pro installation, and the password you created…now it’s time to œTest The Connection.

Pic 3

You should then get the green light of œConnected Successfully. If you get an error saying the timeout has expired, then check your IP address. Another possible issue could be

œAuthentication Required, if this is the case check the password you entered.

The Bells And Whistles

From here you can set up your filters, skin, and any other servers that you may want to control remotely. If you are going to add extra servers, then you will need to start back at The Nitty Gritty section, minus the install and download. There you go, your remote control to remotely control your NewsBin Pro clients.


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