Make TOR Easy to Use with the Pirate Browser

February 27, 2014

TOR is a great privacy tool, but it can be hard to use for novices. The Pirate Browser makes it a lot easier for people to get a handle on how to use TOR and to take advantage of some of its features. The Pirate Browser does not provide anonymity, but it does allow you to get around censorship in nations such as the UK, Iran and others where Internet access and content are limited by the government or other forces.

Pirate Browser Censorship


To download the Pirate Browser, you can go to the homepage, where everything is set up to make the download fast and easy. You can download it via torrent or right off of the site linked above.

Download and install the package. After you do this, you’ll have a folder named PirateBrowser, with the version number you downloaded following the folder name. Click on “Start PirateBrowser.exe” and the browser will fire up.

Pirate Browser Download

The application starts and connects you to the TOR network automatically. It comes with its own Firefox browser, which you’ll have to use to access the Internet over the TOR network. A window will come up showing you the status of the TOR connection and giving you other options.

Pirate Browser Download1

Why Bother?

TOR can help people get around government censorship. There are some risks, however. Your ISP can tell that you’re using TOR. They can also see approximately how much data you’ve sent and received through the system. The best solution to this is to make sure that TOR isn’t connected to your real identity.

The easiest way to make sure your TOR use isn’t connected to you personally is to use a VPN and to use one that has more than one user on the system at the same time you’re on it. Between a VPN and TOR, Internet privacy is greatly enhanced. – You can see the list of leading VPN providers here.

This browser should be a great option for those who are interested in using TOR but who balk at some of the technical aspects of doing so. It’s easy to install and get running and, if you have some sort of encryption on your connection, you should enjoy good privacy protection. Remember, however, that this browser does not provide anonymous browsing but, rather, allows you to get around blocks on content. Those who have a serious concern about their safety should look into additional means of enhancing their privacy online.

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