How to Setup Stunnel for USENET

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2019

By using Stunnel you can enable SSL connections to Usenet even if you do NOT have an SSL supported Usenet newsreader or USENET news poster. Reminder Stunnel is for Windows / Andriod / UNIX only.

Stunnel Usenet

Setup Stunnel for Usenet in 8 Steps

  • 1) Go the stunnel download page — > and download the latest version.

  • 2) Install stunnel with all default options

  • 3) Edit the stunnel.conf file and look for the following lines; Use it for client mode ;client = yes and remove the ; in front of ;client = yes

  • 4) Edit the config file so that it looks like this ..

; Service-level configuration  
compression = zlib  
accept =  
How to Setup Stunnel for Usenet
  • 5) Save the file and close the window

  • 6) Go to Start->All Programs->Stunnel->Run Stunnel to start stunnel and then you should see the program running in your taskbar.

  • 7) Go to Server Setup in your favorite news client and setup a new connection with the following settings: Server address port 119 with 20 connections

  • 8) Use your regular login and password and you are done! Your Usenet Connection is Now Secure.

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