HelloNZB 1.2.4 Hits the Market

November 4, 2013

HelloNZBpreferencesHelloNZB version 1.2.4 has hit the market and it’s got some significant improvements. Particularly for those USENET users out there who want to save a bit on CPU usage, this new version will have some welcome features. It’s got some features that may also cut down on the nuisances that USENET users are likely very familiar with.


The new version of HelloNZB starts unraring your files as they’re downloaded. This makes it possible to access your files as soon as they’ve downloaded. You don’t have to complete the process once the file is downloaded.

The team has also fixed a bug in the program that made it use too much CPU. If HelloNZB had turned you off because it was chewing up your processor, you may want to give it another go. The new improvements should make that a non-issue.

Other Improvements

HelloNZB will now allow you to take your extracted files and move them automatically to a directory of your choosing. In addition to this, it will get rid of the RAR files that the archive you downloaded originally comprised, saving on mess and on disk space usage.

If you use the USENET a lot, you’ve probably had the familiar nuisance of password-protected RAR files ruin your experience. The new version of HelloNZB will check the title of the post for the password, which is oftentimes where you’ll find it. If it finds it, you don’t have to deal with the password protection inconvenience at all.

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Other improvements include some fixed typos in the interface. The old updated downloader also had a bug that’s been taken care of in this version. If you really like tracking your performance, you’ll like the status bar label that allows you to keep an eye on your memory usage. You can also set an option so that the program will show you debug messages in the log window. The new version will restart itself automatically after it downloads and installs an update, as well.

Overall Impression

HelloNZB is free and it runs on Java, so it’s certainly priced right and it’s usable on most systems. This makes it attractive in and of itself. The fact that the bugs have been worked out and, moreover, that there are actually developers who take care of bugs on this offering are both good signs. If you want to give it a try, you can get the latest info and download links here.

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