Good Manners on USENET

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Just because the Usenet is anonymous, it does not mean you should throw good manners out the window! Some would say not to bother as no one knows its you, but it can get you in trouble!

Table Manners

When we talk about good manners, we do not mean please and thank you although that is always nice. We are talking about a type of etiquette within the groups. There are certain things that as a new user you may not know, so here are some tips for good manners on the Usenet!

Always read the FAQ - The frequently asked questions are exactly that. If you have a query, it is likely other people have had the query before, as it may be a very common issue. It is always good to check the FAQ section to see if there is already an answer there before posing the question.

Dont Flame - Many people do it but it does not make it right. If you are not aware of what flaming is, it means being insulting to someone who has said something silly or that has made you angry. If you do come across something that does bring out a bad reaction, then it is best to ignore it.

Although 99.9% of Usenet users are good people, some people do actually write these types of posts to get a reaction. They are commonly known as trolls “ never feed the trolls! If you get mad and angry and start ranting at someones post, then you are giving them exactly what they wanted. Best to just ignore it and hopefully they will get bored and go away.

Dont use all capitals - If you write a post all in capitals it is generally regarded that you are shouting, and it is bad form. You can see that WHEN I WRITE IN CAPITALS it does seem like I am shouting.

Dont be too hasty in a post - It is good to think before you post something. Once you post it is really there for good. You may regret a post that has been done while you were angry or upset, so be careful not to putting something on there that you may regret later!

HTML is a no no - Do not use HTML in your posts. It may look fantastic in your newsreader but it may look dreadful in another. HTML should be on web pages, not on posts so do not use it.

Try not to multiple cross post - You may have a fantastic article and want all to see it, but it is generally bad form to post an article to loads of groups. It is usually a one article one group rule. At a push you can post to two or maybe three, but no more as it will just be frowned upon.

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