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The cheapest way to get free USENET access is through your ISP.  However only a handful of  ISPs currently offer USENET access and all of these free USENET servers are  limited when compared to our  recommend USENET providers.

Here is a list of the top 100 Internet Service Providers in the USA that have some or limited USENET access. Keep in mind, that these free USENET plans are typically limited to around 30 days of binary retention.

Top 100 ISPs in the USA and  USENET service status

Rank Provider Population Free USENET Access Server Name
1 HughesNet 308,745,538 Shutdown 2002  
2 AT&T Wireless 306,461,488 No  
3 Verizon Wireless 305,032,264 Shutdown 2009  
4 Sprint 279,984,122 Shutdown 2009  
5 T-Mobile 246,589,444 No  
6 AT&T U-verse 120,698,372 Shutdown 2009  
7 Exede Internet 114,412,179 No.  
8 XFINITY from Comcast 109,365,995 Shutdown 2009  
9 Comcast Business 109,104,949 Shutdown 2009  
10 Cricket Wireless 94,688,250 No  
11 Time Warner Cable 65,271,476 Shutdown 2009  
12 MetroPCS 54,308,583 No  
13 Verizon High Speed Internet 49,559,491 Shutdown 2009  
14 CenturyLink 48,089,588 Yes
15 Verizon Fios 32,722,584 Shutdown 2009  
16 Frontier Communications 28,724,887 Shutdown 2016  
17 Charter Communications 27,484,432 Shutdown 2012  
18 dishNET 26,943,450 No  
19 U.S. Cellular 25,083,868 No  
20 Cox Communications 20,977,073 Shutdown 2009  
21 Lightower Fiber Networks 19,225,335 No.  
22 Rise Broadband 16,103,060 No  
23 Windstream 13,122,457 Yes  
24 Optimum by Cablevision 12,213,255 Shutdown 2016  
25 Agile Networks 11,536,504 No  
26 Skyriver Communications 11,503,689 No  
27 GHz Wireless 9,699,124 No  
28 King Street Wireless 9,603,129 No  
29 Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph 8,569,186 No  
30 Bright House Networks 8,440,654 Shutdown 2016  
31 WOW! 7,257,892 Shutdown 2011  
32 CyberNet Communications 6,972,035 No  
33 BelWave Communications 6,301,425 No  
34 Suddenlink Communications 6,177,723 Shutdown 2014  
35 Sunesys 5,913,020 No  
36 Etheric Networks 5,852,582 No  
37 Mediacom Cable 5,395,908 Shutdown 2015  
38 TDS Telecom 5,077,333 Shutdown 2010  
39 Startouch 5,053,403 No  
40 Florida High Speed Internet 4,345,447 No  
41 C Spire Wireless 3,993,826 No  
42 Everywhere Wireless 3,916,796 No  
43 RCN 3,809,880 Shutdown 2008  
44 3,711,539 Yes
45 Wydebeam Broadband 3,661,286 No  
46 FairPoint Communications 3,533,849 Shutdown 2010  
47 Wi-Power 3,518,501 No  
48 Pixius Communications 3,327,534 No  
49 Ranch Wireless 3,294,333 No  
50 Level 3 Communications 3,255,603 No  
51 Cable ONE 3,225,624 Shutdown 2003  
52 UnWired Broadband 3,132,772 No  
53 BarrierFree 3,030,290 No  
54 Cruzio Internet 3,024,653 Shutdown 2003  
55 Phoenix Internet 3,023,649 No  
56 WATCH Communications 2,978,692 No  
57 E-Vergent Wireless 2,971,347 No  
58 Zing Wireless 2,924,980 No  
59 NextLink 2,920,402 No  
60 TierOne Networks 2,827,432 No  
61 MHO Networks 2,742,849 No  
62 Time Warner Business Class 2,732,147 Shutdown 2013  
63 GTT Communications 2,588,837 No  
64 Nextera Communications 2,586,365 No  
65 Wisper ISP 2,498,059 No  
66 Wifi West 2,411,052 No  
67 Earthlink Business 2,386,827 Yes
68 MegaPath 2,290,751 Shutdown 2002  
69 Freewire Broadband 2,136,190 No  
70 DirectLink 2,125,472 No  
71 PenTeleData 2,021,477 Yes
72 Believe Wireless Broadband 2,016,020 Shutdown 2014  
73 Global Capacity 2,015,306 No  
74 US Signal Company 2,013,697 No  
75 XO Communications 1,995,744 No  
76 Cirra Networks 1,916,843 No  
77 1,878,128 No  
78 Utah Broadband 1,865,241 No  
79 STL WiMax 1,863,796 No  
80 VRFuturenet 1,860,824 No  
81 Brown Dog Networks 1,854,680 No  
82 ERF Wireless 1,815,907 No  
83 On-Ramp Indiana 1,810,926 No  
84 Packet Layer 1,773,320 No  
85 Wave Broadband 1,747,210 Shutdown 2011  
86 airPowered 1,663,719 No  
87 Air-Wans Wireless Broadband 1,640,596 No  
88 EasyStreet Online 1,629,345 No  
89 Hoosier Broadband 1,608,106 No  
90 CellCom 1,607,399 No  
91 Keystone 1,577,701 No  
92 MetroSpan 1,557,914 No  
93 Phoenix Broadband 1,555,648 No  
94 Areyouonline.Net 1,538,762 No  
95 TruCom 1,530,946 No  
96 Internet Free Planet 1,483,708 No  
97 Aerux Broadband 1,476,008 No  
98 ZipLink 1,462,886 No  
99 Mercury Wireless 1,439,628 No  
100 Internet Nebraska Corporation 1,386,776 No

Free USENET service WorldWide Coverage in 2019

At one time, just about everyone could count on getting free USENET access through their ISP. ISP-provided USENET access is a rarity these days, but some broadband companies still offer basic USENET service. We’ve compiled a list of such ISPs in several different nations.

Remember that the quality of USENET access you get from your ISP is likely to pale in comparison to what you’ll get from a specialty USENET provider. ISPs are likely to have short retention times, limit which newsgroups you can access and, almost certainly, they’ll put limits on binary downloads and throttle your download speed. Nonetheless, ISP-provided USENET access can be useful at times, and it’s worth knowing whether or not your ISP offers it.

We keep this list updated, but be aware that the number of ISPs offering free USENET access is rapidly decreasing and that most customers, in order to enjoy the best USENET has to offer, will need to get USENET access separately from their broadband account.


ISP Servers Limitations
CenturyLink (Qwest) User support via Qwest newsgroups
Earthlink;; news.east.earthlink (East or West is relative to the Mississippi) 35 GB/30 days; four connections maximum; 7 days binary retention (may vary); 1MB post limit; pitches Giganews once you’ve exceeded your download limits
Megapath No SSL; 2 connections, 1GB download limit
Windstream No SSL; Service is provided through UsenetServer; 6 connections; 30 days retention
Wave G Through Altopia; No SSL, 14 days retention


ISP Servers Limitations
Bell SSL; 2 connections; 256Kbps throttle; 1GB/mo limit
Montreal-DSL Not listed, check with support No SSL; 30 days binary retention; 300GB limit; 3 connections; 1Mbps throttle
Teksavvy No SSL; 3 connections; 1/Mbps throttle


ISP Servers Limitations
Virgin Media No SSL; 10 connections; 30 days retention
Abel Internet Instructions here:
Blueyonder Through Virgin
Not to be confused with NewsDemon; NewsDemon is a different USENET service.
See account for details.
NTL Through Virgin
pipex Via Giganews
Plus.Net Includes tech support newsgroups.
Virgin See account plan for details; only accessible over Virgin connection.


ISP Servers Limitations
Internode Via Supernews



ISP Servers Limitations
Dommel No SSL
EDPNET No SSL; 3 connections; 10GB/mo


ISP Servers Limitations
Free No SSL; 4 connections; 15 days retention; Free ISP’s customers only


German customers will need to use a specialty USENET provider. See our list of the best USENET providers for options.


ISP Servers Limitations
4 threads; 30 days binary retention; all newsgroups, several news server options. Through Ziggo
betuwenet Via Giganews
Casema 4 threads; 30 days binary retention; all newsgroups, several news server options. Through Ziggo
4 threads; 30 days binary retention; all newsgroups, several news server options. Through Ziggo
Demon Not to be confused with NewsDemon.
TweakDSL No SSL; 40 Threads; 200 Mbit throttle.
Xs4all No information on limits; full selection of newsgroups.
Ziggo 4 threads; 30 days binary retention; all newsgroups, several news server options.


Spanish customers will need to use a speciality USENET access provider. See our list of the best USENET providers for options.

Free USENET servers

ISPs in the USA and Free USENET service


Currently as of 2019 for the North American market – only four ISPs offer some form of USENET access included with their plans.

  1. Qwest USENET access –
  2. –
  3. Earthlink –

Internet service providers will offer USENET news server access included with the Internet access plan. Unfortunately, this is becoming less and less common and typically the free USENET servers are limited to 30 days retention. If you want the best USENET service or here if you want free USENET trial offers check out those links.

However, if you want free USENET news access this is the best way. Below is a free USENET news server list below for many of the popular ISP’s in the USA. Remember this isn’t anywhere near as good as a premium USENET provider but if you are interested in free USENET news servers checking out our list below is your best bet.

As mentioned, it is more the case today that you will need to pay for your USENET access separate from your internet provider. One of the best ways to get free USENET at least for a while is to check out some free USENET trial offers.

USENET services are expensive to run when you compare the volume of data that a relatively small group will be requesting, then you can see why they find it not very cost efficient. The main reason is that people who do run USENET tend to use it a lot and pull a lot of data down from it. Compare that with light usage of the internet by someone who just uses it to check the weather etc, and you can quickly see why they need to charge extra for the usage.

In addition to free USENET trials we have special offers and discounts when you can get by visiting our USENET coupons and special offers page.

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