ATT Discontinues Usenet Access

February 7, 2013

You may have heard the news that ATT recently announced that “on or around July 15, 2009,” ATT will no longer offer Usenet newsgroup access to its customers. This announcement follows an earlier decision by the company just last July to terminate access to all alt.binaries newsgroups.

As ATT is rescinding it Usenet access there are several company out there that are offering HIGHLY discounted Usenet access.

Here is a list of a few deals in no particular order

  • UseNetServer – is offering UNS High-Speed Plus for only $10/month for one year of subscription. Read our review of UseNetServer Usenet for more information.
  • Thundernews – is offering a 20% discount for both ATT subscribers and COX subscribers. Read our review of Thundernews Usenet.
  • Giganews – is offering several special pricing options to affected ATT customers: including 50% off for 3 months of Giganews most popular, unlimited Diamond Plan plus 20% off for 3 month of your choice of other Giganews plans – read our review of Giganews USENET service

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