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Mimo Review

Golden Frog and Giganews have been working beneath the scenes to bring the latest in Usenet newsreading technology.  We are waiting for access to the Mimo Usenet newsreader but apparently it has been optimized for faster downloads and Usenet browsing.

Mimo Technology Background

Mimo Usenet newsreader has been written in Java so it should work on Windows, Mac and Linux. At the moment, however Linux does not seem to be supported and we had some trouble getting it to work with WINE. Its surprising that they chose Java to implement faster downloads and browsing but the engineers at Giganews / Golden Frog are a smart bunch and not doubt they will be able to pull it off.

Some other interesting facts about Mimo : Integrated Image and Thumbnail viewing, filtering on text/binary/image types, auto unrar and PAR technology.

The Mimo Usenet newsreader appears to be partnered with the Golden Frog Usenet Search which at first glance appears much more interesting than the Newsreader itself.

Golden Frog Usenet Search

Mimo NewsreaderGolden Frog Usenet search appears to have servers optimized for search speed and is able to execute exact searches for binary files across all groups. In addition  to rapid binary searches across multiple newsgroups, Golden Frog Usenet  search is capable of executing subject based binary searches instead of just regular title searches.

Click here to preview Mimo

All of this remains to be seen and we are eagerly awaiting their technology preview but given Giganews’ excellent technical team we have little doubt that Mimo and their corresponding Golden Frog Usenet search will be an excellent product.

Here are some facts taken from Giganews website.  For more complete details visit Mimo’s webpage

Mimo includes:

  • Optimized for Faster Downloads, Searches, and Browsing
  • Optimized Search for Long Retention News Servers
  • Integrated Image Thumbnail Viewing
  • Filtering on Text, Binaries and Images
  • Auto unRAR and PAR technology
  • Integrated Giganews Accelerator Technology
  • Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search

Golden Frog Usenet Search includes:

  • Servers Optimized for Speed
  • Binary Searches Across All Groups
  • Subject-Based Binary Searches

Mimo is a new powerful, easy-to-use Usenet browser that features Golden Frog Usenet Search. Golden Frog partnered with Giganews in order to create a fast, easy Usenet experience. Although it is still under development, both Mimo and Golden Frog Search are designed from the ground up for great retention rate Giganews offers.

Currently, Mimo is available only to Giganews diamond subscribers, since Giganews offers only to their best members early access to new technologies and innovations.

First of all, let’s provide you with few technical specifications of Mimo:

  • Optimized for faster downloads, searches and browsing
  • Optimized search for long retention news servers
  • Integrated image thumbnail viewing
  • Filtering on text, binaries and images
  • Auto unRAR and PAR technology
  • Integrated Giganews Accelerator technology
  • Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search

Further, Golden Frog Usenet Search includes:

  • Servers optimized for speed
  • Binary searches across all groups
  • Subject-based binary searches
  • Dynamic indexing of Giganews’ complete retention

As previously said, in order to download and install Mimo, it is required to have Giganews™ Diamond subscription. Since we have one, we have downloaded an application. The information about the Mimo usage follows.

Once you start an application, you get rather clear instructions on how to use it.

First of all, it is required to choose a search type. Three options are available:

  1. Find a group
  2. Golden Frog Usenet Search
  3. Usenet Search

Let™s try each of these. First of all, let’s check how Find a Group option works. Once you type a group name (or a desired search term) and press enter, the group name (or list of groups containing that term ) appears almost instantly.

Further, once you click desired group, within a few seconds, list of corresponding topics appears. It is very easy to create and answer these topics, as it is required to click only once on the desired topic. Usenet Search and Golden Frog Usenet Search work in a similar way. All that is required is to type in desired search term and to press enter. Once you choose desired post, the list of files inside that post appear and it is only required to click download, which will eventually start the download process.

Download process:

The whole thing is really a great USENET experience, an application has a nice design and it is very easy to use, without any additional instructions or tutorials required. We did notice, though, that in some rare occasions, an application appears unstable.

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Editor Rating
4.5 stars
PriceInc w/ Giganews
Free TrialYes
Usenet SearchN/A
Alexa Rank99,999,999

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6 Comments about Mimo Review

  1. Womp on November 4th, 2010

    Linux is NOT supported.
    And, I can’t get it to work in WINE.
    Plus, they haven’t released it as a native .jar file.
    Even the link you gave clearly says only MS and OSX.
    Your review is wrong, Linux is NOT supported.

  2. 20108 on December 29th, 2010

    Cool, but how is it possible to see what subtitles are included in the search results?

  3. Donnie Baby on October 17th, 2013

    Review should be updated – as of this writing [10/2013] you can download the program, but it is hard-coded to only work for Giganews Diamond account subscribers. See the Giganews website.

  4. Marion Marshall on November 23rd, 2013

    Thanks we will be updating it however as of November 2013. Mimo is available for both Platinum and Diamond account holders.

  5. JimH on February 23rd, 2014

    While this isn’t a horrible piece of software, it’s searching capability is seriously lacking. It searches for whole words only – if you tell it to search for the word “look”, it won’t return anything if all the titles use the word “looks” or “looked”.

    It also seems to be limited to returning only 3000 matches. This wouldn’t too much of an issue if it was possible which newgroup(s) to limit the search to. But no…. it always looks in every newsgroup.

    These are just two of its most glaring shortcomings. For much of my newgroup activity, I’ll still be using XNews.

  6. Buck Ofama on January 5th, 2015

    The only thing I like about MIMO vs XNews is that MIMO has multi-threaded download. However, it lacks any ability to interrupt the threads. It lately become hosed, and extremely slow, so I dumped it.

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