Newshosting Partners with Easynews

December 9, 2010

newshosting-easynews Recent press releases announce that tier 1 provider Newshosting has partnered with Easynews to offer a very easy Usenet solution. If you haven’t heard of Easynews ( and I have no idea why that would be as they have been around forever) – they offer an easy way to browse Usenet. Easynews is particularly useful if you like to look at the newsgroups or if you just like the ability to quickly scan various Usenet newsgroups to see whats going on. They have a thumbnail gallery format which is pretty slick.

In addition, to these notable Usenet enhancements, Easynews has their own membership community. Easy is definitely worth checking out especially in two cases — you are new to Usenet and/or you like to graphically browse through newsgroups. Their service is a big enhancement over the normal Usenet experience. So check it out if you are curious they have a 14 day / 10 GB refund policy so hassle to cancel.
If you have tried Easynews before, its worth a look again because that have been working on redoing their portal experience in the last half of 2010.

Anyways, if you are a XL Powerpack subscriber for Newshosting – this is their top tier – you will know be able to access 10 GB of Easynews web-based Usenet content. Highly recommend to check out XL powerpack if you are interested in Easynews.

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NEWSHOSTING, the recognized leader in Usenet newsgroup access, today announced a thrilling new partnership with Easynews, the world™s original and one-of-a-kind browser-based Usenet newsgroup provider, to give all XL Powerpack subscribers free access to Easynews™ browser-based Usenet newsgroup search interface.

This limited-time partnership allows Newshosting to give XL Powerpack subscribers all-inclusive access to™s newly redesigned web-based Usenet interface at no extra charge.

In addition to Unlimited NNTP Usenet access, XL Powerpack subscribers will be able to search, preview and download from newsgroups with up to 10 GB of access through the Easynews web-based Usenet browser. This offer extends to both new and existing XL Powerpack subscribers, and they can access their new Easynews account login information by following the instructions published in their control panel.

Easynews™ interface is a clean, fast, and effective web-based search tool that presents simple searches and displays search results in a familiar and user-friendly thumbnail gallery-style format to preview files before downloading. Additional advanced search options allow users to quickly sort through posts on 100,000+ newsgroups, giving users more flexibility and control over their Usenet experience. Additionally, Easynews™ upgraded zip manager gives users the ability to setup a zip queue for marking files you want to download later.

The XL Powerpack + Easynews promotion comes just after recent storage and network upgrades to Newshosting™s NNTP server farms in both North America and Europe. These recent deployments allow Newshosting to support and spool up to a full 700 days binary retention and offer over 2 years text retention with 99%+ article completion and lightning-fast, secure first class Usenet access. Newshosting also recently launched a new website that offers native international versions for Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish users.

About Newshosting:
Newshosting is the world™s premier provider of Usenet newsgroup access. As the industry-leader in service reliability, speed and retention, Newshosting is committed to providing world-class Usenet access to over 100,000 uncensored newsgroups from its servers in the United States and Europe.

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