EZ Global Lite App Released

March 25, 2013

EZ Global Lite App ReleasedIf you’re interested in EZ Global Search for your iPhone or iPad, you can now try out a lite version of the app for free. The EZ Global Search Lite app has just been released. It’s a bit sparser on features than the paid version, of course, but it has quite a few features and capabilities that should provide adequate options for many users out there.

EZ Global search has been in the works for over 2 years. The app is now available at the iTunes store. Users can download the free version to see if they want to get the full version of the app with its more advanced features.

How It Works

The EZ Global Search app lets Easynews members search through USENET groups on their iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone devices. Easynews has more than 100,000 newsgroups available, so there’s plenty to search through. You can download right from your iOS device using this app, so it’s convenient in regards to both search and to getting a look at the articles that you want to read.

The free version of the app allows you to search using keywords and to search for specific file types. You can feasibly search for video and audio and watch them on your iOS device very convenient, format permitting, of course.

EZ Global Lite App Released1

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With the paid version of the EZ Global Search app, the features are expanded in terms of searching and sorting. The paid version allows you to filter your results based on the newsgroups, the size of the file, the extension and the time that it was uploaded. The paid version has the capability to sort results into 16 different data types. For more active USENET users, this may be a better way to go, given the increased functionalities that the app offers.

The free version is a good starting point, however, and, for Easynews users, it should be a nice enhancement for their systems. The app can be downloaded off the iTunes store as of now, so anyone who wants to can give the lite version a try and see if they want to upgrade to the paid version, or if the Lite version provides enough functionality for their use. This is only available for the Easynews service, so you’ll need to sign up for a subscription with them if you want to use this app to access the USENET.

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