Zumron Project Integrates USENET Resources

March 6, 2017

One of the areas where open source projects tend to excel is in convenience. Zumron (http://www.zumron.net/) is an open source project that’s designed to make it easier for you to access your favorite USENET tools. It doesn’t provide a replacement for any of these tools and, in fact, really just provides a level of convenience that should make it interesting to many USENET users.


The Zumron project is currently compatible with some of the most popular USENET programs around. It supports Sabnzbd Plus, Couchpotato, Sickbeard, Headphones, Lazy Librarian and Spotweb.

What the Zumron project does is provide one single dashboard where you can access all of these services. If you want to get information on any particular NZB from one of the services, for instance, you can see all of these different services condensed into one screen, so you can more easily access them and get whatever USENET files you want. (See also our list of Top NZB Sites)

You can also configure some USENET services to be your main dashboard. There is quite a bit of flexibility built into this project already and, of course, it will likely continue to be developed, given that it is an open source undertaking.


The primary advantage with Zumron is that it could conceivably cut down on a lot of the time you spend looking through various USENET services to find what you’re looking for. Because everything is provided for you on a single dashboard, you don’t have to surf around the Internet anymore to get the information that you want.

One of the other significant advantages about Zumron is that it is open source and, therefore, free. Anybody can download it from Zumron.net and try it.


The most glaring disadvantage with Zumron is that you need your own PHP server to make it work. If you’re not experienced with PHP or you don’t have a server of your own, you’re not going to find this tool particularly useful.

Zumron is also very new, which means that there are likely some bugs that need to be discovered yet. Utilizing it may prove to be useful but keep in mind that, at this point, using it is likely the equivalent of testing it, as well.

One of the indisputably good things about Zumron is that it demonstrates that USENET is still a very active community and that there are very talented programmers working on products that can be used by everyone for free. Open source technology has done a lot for the advancement of technology overall, and that seems to be a continuing trend judging from tools such as Zumron.

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