Wtfnzb Review

Wtfnzb Review
4 / 5
Wtfnzb Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 982 Days
Features Free
Platform Newznab+ is a completely free and open to the public NZB site. Currently the owners have no plans for VIP accounts and instead are relying upon voluntary donations to support the site.

Wtfnzb is currently under heavy development so all the feature may not be working. We ran into a few small issues during our testing.   WtfNZB currently has a hidden beta version which promises better integration with newznab api/rss client users like SABNzbd and NZBGet, better search, tv/ movie information and a forum.

Highlights WTFNZB

  • Free for browsing
  • All en,de,nl,fr,spa,ita,pl releases + p2p like cam rips etc
  • No forum currently (Beta version will have forum)
  • RSS feed access
  • API integration
  • No Email required
  • No invite needed currently

Membership Levels

Donation??UnlimitedMore APIsNo

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Wtfnzb is trying to do something new for the NZB scene. They state “they were tired of all the slow indexers “. And we find they are true to their word. Their server is fast and their up-time excellent. Yes they need to improve certain features and yes not everything is working 100% but beta v2 offers many improvements. We like that they are trying to be donation based while still mainting a nice offering for free users.   Visit Wtfnzb or donate to their  bitcoin address (3GRNtRFChvgsXgLyheJE3MkhMb3MjKAG5s ) (BTC)

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