WizPar Is Coming, and It’s Worth Beta Testing

November 2, 2015


Dawe Post has a new app coming out. If you’re an avid USENET user, you might want to sign up for the beta test, because it’s looking like it could make a cool addition to any mobile device.

The App

WizPar is slated to be available for Android and iOS devices, so only Windows Phone users are likely to be left out of the fun on this one.

The app allows you to browse your newsgroups right on your mobile device. There are a few things we like about how the developer is proceeding with this. It’s not officially released yet, but here’s what caught our eye.

Multiple servers: The getting started guide explains that the app will need you to configure one or more servers, and that’s a good thing. If you know how to buy USENET access, you know that having a monthly subscription augmented with a block account is the best way to make sure you can get a complete binary.

Easy Navigation: Subscribing and unsubscribing seem to be very easy on this app, which is advantageous. Big buttons make for easy mobile usage, and newsgroup readers do not need to be overly complicated to work. Advancing through a thread seems to be set up to be convenient, as well.

Easy Posting: Posting seems to be streamlined on the design, and that’s a plus.

The thing that’s really nice about the app is that it could encourage people to use USENET for more than binaries. Newsgroups still have one of the most no-nonsense, easy to use formats out there for having discussions, and it would be a good thing if apps like WizPar and others encourage people to start using them. Making newsgroups available on mobile devices is a smart way to encourage that.

We’ll give the app a test as soon as it’s officially released, so stay tuned.

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