What Makes a Good NZB Indexer?

June 5, 2013

What Makes a Good NZB IndexerIf you’re looking for and NZB indexer, things have actually gotten better. There are plenty of new indexers coming online all the time and, of course, we keep an up-to-date list of them so that you can search through them and find what you’re looking for. Looking for good NZB indexers, however, should involve looking for a few qualities that really set the good ones apart from the mediocre and the bad.


The speed of the server that the NZB indexer is using for hosting needs to be fast. During busy times, the service can be seriously taxed and, because of that, they need to have enough capacity. In our profiles of NZB indexers, where possible, we give the specs on the servers that the service is currently using. Generally speaking, higher-powered servers with higher bandwidth pipes make better choices than those that are easily overloaded with user requests. The server should be able to index new NZB files very quickly and handle all of the requests coming in from users at the same time.


To some degree, the popularity of an NZB indexer plays into its overall quality. When there are plenty of users on a site, they can work together to report NZB files that are spam and to inform each other of the quality of the various files that they have downloaded. This can save time and prevent fellow users from downloading files that may be worthless.

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Report that Spam

One of the other issues regarding spam is reporting. A good NZB indexer will have a system that allows users to report spam. These include the annoying password-protected RAR files that are routinely posted all over the USENET system. Being able to find out in advance whether or not a file you’re looking at is even worth downloading is of great benefit. In fact, in some ways, simply eliminating nuisance files can make or break a site as far as quality goes. – Read also our reviews of Best Usenet Providers 2013 here.


Having good regexes is another quality that NZB sites should strive for. These allow the system to take message headers, convert those into NZB’s and to make certain that the categorization utilized is valid. With this technical feature, the utility of an NZB site is increased greatly and the overall value to the users is increased greatly, as well.

If you’re considering signing up for a VIP membership at an NZB indexers, take a look at our list and see which of those sites meet these criteria and which of them serve your needs the best.

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