Want Secure Email? Try Email Made in Germany

October 16, 2013

Want Secure Email Try Email Made in GermanyEmail Made in Germany is a new service that’s being offered by three of the largest telecom providers in Germany. The service is designed to allow users to access email that is stored under the very strict privacy laws that apply in Germany. Obviously, this is likely to have some appeal to people who have been put off by the fact that the NSA has been revealed to have been spying on American Internet traffic.

The email stored on these servers is encrypted. Encryption prevents – or at least makes it exceptionally difficult for – spying agencies from getting at information stored on servers. In addition to this, Germany has stricter privacy standards than the US and, not only has this made the Email Made in Germany product interesting to American consumers, it has made it interesting to consumers worldwide, particularly in the European Union.

Layering Jurisdictions

Because the Internet is, by its very nature, an international network, it is possible for users to utilize the laws that apply in different jurisdictions to their advantage. Not all nations are particularly friendly to US intelligence interests and, because of that, people oftentimes utilize services such as VPN, USENET and email that originates from nations outside of the US. This, according to what is currently known, reduces the chance that the NSA would be able to access information from these sources.

In addition to stopping the NSA from being able to access information, this type of jurisdictional layering can provide a layer of protection against spying by corporations. In the US, before the NSA revelations eclipsed it, one of the biggest stories about Internet privacy had to do with the fact that ISPs were monitoring traffic on behalf of the entertainment industry, being ready and willing to cut off people’s Internet service if the entertainment industry objected to anything they found in that Internet traffic.

Trying the Options

Email Made in Germany could be a good option for people who want to make certain that they have the maximum level of online privacy. Between the encryption on the servers and the fact that German law requires greater attention to user privacy than US law, US consumers could feasibly get a benefit from using this service. Brazil, a nation which has been publicly enraged by NSA spying on its citizens and officials, is also looking at implementing new laws to restrict access to data about Brazilian individuals from prying US intelligence agency eyes.

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