VyprVPN added to Giganews Diamond Plan

October 5, 2017

VyprVPN has been permanently added to the Giganews diamond pricing plan and this represents a WIN for ALL Giganews Diamond plan users.

VypVPN Giganews continues to differentiate themselves from the competition adding additional cool features such as VyprVPN. If you dont know about VyprVPN then you can read our read of review of VyprVPN.

I have personally been testing VyprVPN both in South America and here in the Rocky Mountains area in the USA. Right now, as I have been traveling and moving into a new apartment complex VyprVPN has proven to been invaluable.

While I am waiting for my 20 MB/s Qwest line to be installed I only have access to a public wifi that, I imagine, is shared among the whole apartment complex. It’s a really good feeling to be able to connect to the the VyprVPN network while I am limited to the shared wifi in our apartment and with a click of a button have a new level of security immediately implemented.

I have been leaving VyprVPN connected ALL day without any issues and as you can see the speed is VERY good for a shared public wifi. 3 MB/s and 500 K upload.

I think normally this is the standard 7 MB/sec qwest plan but as mentioned it’s pubilc and shared with the whole apartment complex and as I typed this it’s evening time when many people are connected to the Internet.

Also I have been using VyprVPN in airports and all sort of public places. Call me paranoid but it’s without it on I see a lot of exploits being blocked by Avast. Who knows what else is going on without VyprVPN connected ?

Having VyprVPN permanently added to the Giganews Diamond plan is a win for Giganews users and again helps both to justify their more expensive pricing and to show that they are committed to the privacy of their user base.

In related news Giganews, recently crossed the 600 day barrier and has committed to 700 days of binary retention.

Learn more about VyprVPN and Giganews here.

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