Verizon Usenet Specials

May 10, 2017

specialsVerizon, like ATT, announced a month ago that they will be cutting off Usenet access for verizon customers on Sept 30th 2009. Verizon states lower demand – well you can read their spin article below.
Newsgroups were initially developed as a text-based way to share information on the Internet. Today, demand for newsgroups is much lower, since most users have switched to more exciting ways of getting and sharing information via the Web, such as social networks, email and sites such as our Verizon Central Newsroom.
Several Usenet providers are using this as an opportunity to provide discounted plans. Here are the details for several of them.

  • Thundernews – (Read our Review of Thundernews) is offering an awesome discount exclusive to UsenetReviewz – Use coupon code tn25urz for 25% off lifetime for ALL monthly plans.
  • Newshosting -(Read our Review of Newshosting) is offering a 30% discount for Verizon Usenet Refugees when they signup – read our review of Newshosting to learn more.

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