Using Trakt with PopcornTime or an NZB Site?

March 8, 2017

Trackt with PopcornTime or an NZB SiteIf you’re looking to download torrents online, you probably know that you have to be careful and extremely smart about which services you use. Aside from the obvious trouble you could get in, many options simply won’t make it worth your time. Those who try downloading torrents long enough usually agree that Trakt is a great site for what they want. However, the question then becomes whether to use Popcorn Time or an NZB site?

Trackt offers a number of attractive benefits and services, which is why it’s become so popular with people who want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Users can track the various programs they watch throughout the week. They can do this manually or by using media players like VLC and XBMC, which will do the work for them automatically. Popcorn Time is often the method of choice.

Things become problematic, however, when you consider that other users can view your habits as well. While this community aspect may help you make your next choice, it also means that those who want to stop you from watching this media are now also in the loop. All they need to do is record your username and get a subpoena and they’ll have no problem finding your personal info too. Trakt has always been upfront about the fact that, when issued with a subpoena, they will always comply. They also say the same about private parties who have a legitimate claim to the media on their site.

On top of that, you could face issues with ISP throttling. Just having your ISP address exposed could make you the target of all kinds of malicious parties too.

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This is why so many are switching over to an NZB site instead. Any NZB site that can integrate with Trakt will provide the user with the same experience, minus the concerns about their privacy. Considering NZB logs get wiped every 24 hours, it would be fairly difficult to make much use of any information procured about your habits. Best of all, using NZBs has proven to be just as effective for viewing and, like we said, won’t affect your experience with Trakt at all.

Obviously, you should never use your real name with either of these options. This is just a no-brainer for protecting your privacy. However, to take things a step further, NZBs seem to be the safer option.

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