UsenetReviewz’s 2010 – The Year in Review

January 6, 2011

best usenet providers 20102010 went past so quickly…so fast it’s hard to count all that’s changed and improved in the world of Usenet. Retention rates continue to climb and prices continue to drop. Let’s cover some of the highlights of what happened in 2010.

Even though in the past few years, retention levels were the focus of many discussions, and retention has gained the Usenet industry has also expanded in other directions. Providers have added clients, storage, VPNs, as well as enhanced access and support for mobile devices.

Here’s the short list of Usenet’s achievements in 2010.

Giganews Adds Mimo Usenet Browser and VyprVPN

Giganews was busy this year. First they added VyprVPN, and followed that up with the Mimo Usenet browser.  Giganews continues to innovate and if you are into Usenet then should keep Giganews on your shortlist.

  • Diamond members get free VPN access
  • Mimo newsreader also comes with the Diamond Membership
  • Industry leading retention, and reliability.

NewsDemon and other Provider add Online Storage

NewsDemon added free storage for all their unlimited customers, up to 30GB. They partnered with StorageNinja to offer the storage, along with a licensed copy of News Rover for all their members.

Easynews Partners with Newshosting

Newshosting has announced a partnership with Easynews and is currently offering free web access to all NHXL subscribers. Subscribers will get unlimited access from Newshosting, and a 10 GB monthly account at no additional cost. Additionally Newshosting increased retention and added support for Paypal accounts.

Easynews For Your Mobile Apps And Web Interface

This year Easynews has been at it, also. They started by improving performance and reliability, then in October Easynews announced their new web interface. Some of the best features are:

  • Available 3rd party mobile applications.
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
  • Unlimited NNTP access.
  • Paypal support.

Free Usenet Newsreaders improve


If you like a well coded and easy to use NZB client, then Unzbin is for you. While the interface is simple, the focus of the client is on downloading NZB files…and it is one of the best. Providing frequent updates, and great speed, it promises to be very helpful to the Usenet community. A few of the key features are:

  • Automatic unpacking and verification of compressed files.
  • RSS integration.
  • SSL support.


This is  one of the easiest NZB downloaders available on the internet today.  It’s free and providers features and simplicity that most users want. Features of the Binreader are:

  • SSL encryption and Ipv6.
  • Handles RAR and PAR2 files, and allows file viewing during download.
  • Up to 50 concurrent connections.
  • Automatically repair downloads using PAR2

Newsflash Plus

This is a free Usenet binary reader with a very user friendly interface. It comes with Python embedded and has an easy to use API. More features are:

  • Multiple TCP connections per server.
  • Multiple servers.
  • Advanced download and connection management.

In conclusion, its been a good year for Usenet users. Usenet providers continue to give more for less money.   Which bring us to our Awards for 2011.

Best Usenet Providers 2011

Its time to announce the best usenet providers awards for 2011.  Stay tuned, these are our best Usenet provider deals currently out usenet provider

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