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Usenet Tutorial

Below are some helpful articles related to Usenet to help you get started using Usenet for filesharing.

Although Usenet can be a bit complicated nonetheless there are many benefits such as privacy, high speed downloads (when compared to other filesharing mechanisms).

Hopefully these Usenet tutorials and Usenet how to guides will make it easier for you to get started.

Usenet Help

NZBin Newsreader Review

NZBin is an NZB client for Mac OSX. There aren’t nearly as many NZB clients for OSX as there are for Windows, of course, and this is one of the better choices among the admittedly limited options. NZBin has a lot of features built into it that make it easier to get content from USENET. […]

AnonNZBs Review

AnonNZBs used to be known as AbbeyGirl. The URL——still has the original name in it, despite the new brand on the site. This is a Newznab site that constantly updates. It has one of the slickest interfaces among the NZB indexers we’ve seen, and AnonNZBs doesn’t make it hard to sign up. There is a […]

NZBin for Free! Limited Time

Need a binary downloader for your Mac? NZBin is available for free for a limited time, and it’s worth checking out. The Program NZBin is designed to work with NZB files. These can be downloaded from any of a number of sites and imported into the program. Once you import the NZB, NZBin will start […]


OMGWTFNZBS doesn’t offer a free public membership. If you want to get access to the site, you’ll have to pay and they only accept Bitcoin. The site has around members at last count. Membership Plans The basic membership plan is $10 per year, payable in Bitcoin. This is the only way you can join OMGWTFNZBS. […]

XNews Review

The MIA page belonged to Xnews, a Delphi-based program that actually works pretty well as a newsgroup reader. It’s not a particularly design-heavy program and, in fact, it’s a bit ugly, but it’s functional. It’s capable of handling multiple servers, which is one of the areas where it really excels, according to its fans. Xnews […]

GingaDaddy Review

GingaDaddy has a free and paid membership option. You can sign up at the site; registration is open. The free membership is rather limited, but the paid membership offers enough to make this site competitive with other indexers. This site manually indexes NZBs. Membership Plans To get a free membership, just go to the site […]

FileSharingTalk Review

FileSharingTalk doesn’t look like your average NZB indexer. It’s a forum-based site, so the process of finding and downloading NZBs is a bit different than the norm. Some users may love it and others may well feel otherwise, but it’s an interesting option, nonetheless. Membership Plans You can use this site for free or as […]

HelloNZB Review

HelloNZB is a Java-based program. It’s tested on Windows and Linux, but it should work on other operating systems, as well. HelloNZB is free and, though it’s rather simple, it does get the job done. It even has a web server built into it, so you can access the program remotely, if you wish. It […]

NZBDrive Review

NZBDrive lets you stream NZB files as you download them. Given how fast USENET services download, you won’t have to use the live streaming for long, but streaming on the fly does beat waiting for an entire video to download. This program supports SSL and comes in 32- and 64-bit Windows versions. The program is […]

PAN Newsreader Review

Pan is a newsreader for Linux and Windows. The Windows versions warn that some of them are a bit “crashy.” Pan hasn’t been updated for Windows since 2014, but the stable versions are worth checking out if you want something a bit more old-school feeling than a lot of what’s on the market for binary […]