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Usenet Tutorial

Below are some helpful articles related to Usenet to help you get started using Usenet for filesharing.

Although Usenet can be a bit complicated nonetheless there are many benefits such as privacy, high speed downloads (when compared to other filesharing mechanisms).

Hopefully these Usenet tutorials and Usenet how to guides will make it easier for you to get started.

Usenet Help

RIAA Claims Major Victory in FBI Takedown of Minor Sharing Sites

The RIAA has achieved what it described as a “huge win” in taking down two sites they link to pre-release piracy. Visit or and all you’ll see is the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning page. What Are, or Were, the Sites Involved? ShareBeast and AlbumJams were taken offline due to copyright infringement, according to a […]

EBook Sales Down After Price Hikes

Throughout 2015, the major book publishers have been reporting declining eBook sales. Different sources give varying reasons for this but, overall, the general consensus seems to be that an increase in eBook prices is to blame. That could have serious implications where piracy is concerned. Jacking Up Prices Some of the largest publishers in the world, including Simon & […] Review is headquartered in the Netherlands, one of the best jurisdictions for privacy. The company offers quite a lot in the way of protecting your identity. You don’t need to provide any substantial information about yourself to sign up. They also offer block accounts for those who don’t want to have a recurring subscription. Binary […]

Newsoo Review

Newsoo went online in 2015. The company is headquartered in France and runs a network that’s spread across three datacenters. It offers USENET access and a drive feature that allows you to have all your files downloaded to their storage. You can download the uncompressed, assembled and repaired files once they’re completed. Their webpage is […]

USENET Contributes to the English Language

Anyone who has participated in a flame war on USENET knows that it can produce some interesting language. It turns out that, on the more academic end of things, it also contributes new words to the English language. Contributing to the Ultimate Source If there’s one almost universally accepted source for which words are and […]

Don’t Write USENET Off, It’s Getting More Popular

If you think the heyday of USENET has passed, you’re wrong. The venerable system is still widely used and, at least according to some sources, has been quite active lately. It’s Not a Wasteland, Even if it Seems that Way If you log onto USENET and check some of the newsgroups, it’ll become readily apparent […]

Altopia Review

Altopia has been around for two decades as of 2015. The service has some attractive features and competitive pricing to offer. It doesn’t have all the features that come with some of our preferred providers, however. Binary Retention Binary retention from this provider is a bit shorter than it is with most of our preferred […]

Torrents vs. Seedboxes vs. VPNs

Confused about how torrents, seedboxes and VPNs all relate to one another? Below, you’ll learn how to connect them all for the best torrenting experience. Torrents This might be very basic for some readers, but it’s good to start at the beginning for the benefit of those who might need to catch up. Bittorrent, or […]

NewzNZB Open to Registrations

NewzNZB is open to registrations. You can check out our review on this NZB site for more information but, with a spam-free index and a good community to boot, it’s worth checking out. New invite code: 3ff4a7420b192ab27135182503bd8db79debe98   Head over to to sign up. You’ll need to have 1 euro in Bitcoin —it’s the […]

NewzNZB Review

NewzNZB is a custom software based NZB site that has been in operation since 2012. The site currently has just more than  releases. This site is free of spam and all of the releases are clean. In some cases, the operators at the site will go as far as to rename uploads so that they are […]