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December 19, 2010

Some interesting things in the world of Usenet this week – URD – Usenet Resource Downloader has released their 1.0 version to the public. I tried to install it but ran into some problems.  To paraphrase  Gavin Spearhead as he describes it here – Usenet Resource Downloader here  – URD is a web-based application for downloading usenet binaries. It is written entirely in PHP and stores all the information it needs in a generic database. Downloading files requires only a few mouse clicks, and when the download is finished it can automatically be verified and extracted.

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The main selling point of URD is that downloading from usenet can be as easy as using p2p software!

Also you dont  need to rely on an external websites like NZB indexing websites and it should simply the whole process of Usenet. If this sounds a bit complicated it does look a bit that way but also think of how complicated bit torrent is getting with seed box and protocol encryption, etc.  Also with URD it is possible to create and download an NZB file from specified articles as well.

Here is a picture of URD in action.

URD Usenet Resource Downloader

Presently URD has been tested on Giganews and a few other Usenet providers.

For more information check out  their website

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