Usenet Net Neutrality

May 31, 2017


There has been a lot of talk recently about Net Neutrality recently. In UsenetReviewz’s opinion, net neutrality is a good thing for Usenet, usenet providers and usenet users. Without Net Neutrality taking advantage of the unlimited download options available with a usenet provider could be both expensive and problematic as both Internet backbones and ISPs would make efforts to limit and charge more for your Usenet downloads.

If you are currently experiencing any of these problems related to net neutrality and traffic shaping ( when ISPs and others limit your bandwidth based on what they think of your traffic ), then here are some simple tips or things to try.

  • Enable SSL – if you have SSL then your traffic is encrypted and no one knows or can monitor what you are downloading
  • Try Giganews Accelerator -especially recommended if you are already using Giganews Usenet service are running Windows XP and want to save a few bucks
  • Look at Stunnel – Newshosting, a recommended Usenet service, offers some information on how to configure Stunnel to encrypt data. Visit their review webpage for details.

Some news articles on Usenet and net neutrality

Dave Molta of points out that net neutrality, in which “all packets are treated equally” is a practical impossibility in an era of converged time-sensitive network applications.

UsenetReviewz opinion – Good point, but we are still in favor of as much net neutrality as possible.

Thundernews- a usenet provider reviewed here – points out that the FCC may actually help Usenet by ruling in favor of net neutrality.

UsenetReviewz opinion – We agree.

Cox cable – not only has cut their Usenet access now that are trying to limit download speeds. They are limiting traffic that they define as non-time sensitive. and yes on the list is Usenet (Newsgroup Activities)

UsenetReviewz opinion – First they disable Usenet activity and now they want to limit and shaping the usenet traffic. This is not good for Usenet users. Take a look at usenet special offers if you are a former Cox usenet user.

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