USENET Connections and Speed

August 14, 2012

With broadband providers constantly upgrading the level of service they make available, it’s natural for USENET users to want to learn how to increase the speed of their connections. If you have a quality USENET provider, you should be maxing out your bandwidth when you connect to their servers, provided you have an unlimited bandwidth account with them. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re getting the maximum possible speed, here are some things to try.


Most USENET providers will offer you a variable amount of connections. Some offer unlimited connections to their servers. You’ll find plenty of conflicting information about how to set up these connections on the Internet, but here’s a basic way to test whether or not you have the optimal amount of connections to your USENET server.

Connect to your USENET server and see how much of your available bandwidth you are using. If you’re not using your entire bandwidth allotment, increase the number of connections until you are. Once you have the maximum amount of connections, start taking away connections one by one until you start to see a decline in the amount of bandwidth you’re getting from the server. You want to hit the spot where you have the minimum possible number of connections that still allow you to maximize your bandwidth usage.

Be aware that there are some times when a USENET provider will be flooded with traffic and when your service may slow down a bit. If your particular provider slows down, you can contact their technical support or you can check online for more information to see if it happens to be a time of day when their usage tends to skyrocket.

Test Your Connection

Before you start blaming your USENET provider, make certain that you test your own Internet connection if your bandwidth usage isn’t maxed out. You can use any of the many free speed testing tools on the Internet to do this. If you want to do more research, you can check at a friend’s house who has an Internet connection as fast or faster than yours. If you happen to have a friend who is in college and gets their Internet service through the college itself, they may have a very fast connection that would be well suited to this type of testing.

We provide comprehensive information on USENET providers, including how many connections are allowed and how much bandwidth is allowed. If you just upgraded to a brand-new Internet connection with speed to spare, be sure you’re getting the most out of your USENET service.

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