Usenet community FTD Not Guilty

December 23, 2010

Dutch Usenet Community, FTD (which is a Dutch Usenet community) survived a legal battle against with BREIN, although not completely without consequences. According the Dutch Court of appeals decision, FTD does not seem to be guilty for copyright infringement, FTD will survive, but community software they offer to people (software for searching Usenet content) will experience significant changes.

A bit more about the FTD software

Members of FTD Usenet community interact with the use of advanced software, known as a FTD. This piece of software allows these members to locate Usenet content, send e-mail, chat, etc. Furthermore, with the use of FTD, it possible to leave so-called spots, which are actually pieces of information where certain Usenet content is located. These œspots contain information such as filename, newsgroup name and number of files. These œspots are not NZB files though, but regardless, they are rather useful in a process of finding verified Usenet content.

The Court of Appeals decision

According the rule by Dutch Court of appeals, FTD is not guilty of copyright infringement

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