USENET 2013 in Review

January 17, 2014

USENET 2013 in ReviewUSENET users saw a lot of improvements in service over the course of 2013. Continued competition among the best providers constantly raised the bar, resulting in some very nice features for USENET subscribers. Here are some of the best things that 2013 had to offer and, hopefully, some of the trends that will continue into 2014.

Retention Times

USENET providers continued to increase their retention times across the board. At this point, binary retention times of 3 years are not unusual, making it possible to go back in time via USENET and get a chance to download binaries that you might have missed when they were released.

The competition between some providers has been so intense that they’re pages are constantly updated with a new retention figure and most of them have made remarkable improvements in this regard.

The Software

USENET software has also been improved upon greatly. Newsreaders such as the highly-regarded Newsbin have made good products even better by adding new features. Newsbin specifically added a priority server selection tool, which is great for those who have more than one server to which they subscribe.

Newshosting also got into the bigger and better game with their newsreader. If you want to avoid making the same searches over and over again, the auto watch feature is something you should definitely look into.

Where other software is concerned, Couchpotato, NZBdrone and SickBeard upped the bar for PVR software. With this software, users can get all the binaries they’re after and not have to sit behind their computers waiting for the newsgroups to update to do it.

NZB Sites Come and Go

Over the course of the year, many NZB sites came and went. Some of them went offline due to pressure from copyright groups making claims of infringement and others just went away.

The good news is that, even though many of them may have gone away, there are plenty of new ones out there and some of the best remain open for business. We’ve had the pleasure of introducing readers to a whole host of new NZB sites, some paid, some free and of varying usefulness, but there’s still a very active community out there.

Overall, USENET continued to be innovated this year, both in terms of the quality of service providers offer and the software that users use to get on the system. With the competition still fierce among providers and a lot of great developers out there working on new resources and programs, 2014 promises to be a good year for USENET and the people who love it.

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