UK Continues The Censorship Spree And Goes After NZBsRus

November 5, 2011

Last month we reported that a UK Magistrate had ordered one of Europe’s most popular ISP’s to blacklist the Usenet search index website Newzbin2. This is a rather involved process, and the courts had ordered that the ISP use the Cleanfeed system, which his already in place, to censor the index provider. Whether or not the courts realized it at the time, the stir created will surely cost everyone in the long run.

1 Down, How Many Are Left…

Once winning their case, it was thought, the MPA would be satisfied with their newfound winnings. But they are taking the decision and moving on to bigger and better things…the rest of the Usenet community. The latest report from the internet freedom front is that the MPA has filed to have another Usenet search index provider, NZBsRus, restrained in the same manner as Newzbin2. The Newzbin2 decision was surprising, and set legal precedence worldwide. We predicted it, now it’s here.

Never Before In History

A decision of this nature has never been made and NOT been challenged, at least not in any of the countries that are considered free. But there it is, last month, a UK Magistrate made a decision that will affect every person that uses the internet and considers themselves free…no matter what country you live in. And now, under the auspices of protecting the rights of a few, the MPA is at it again.

What The MPA Is Up To

It seems that the MPA isn’t finished, or happy. They have started petitioning the other European ISP’s asking that they comply to the order that was given to British Telecom. Asking that other ISP’s blacklist the site. But that’s not all…they have sent a Cease and Desist order to the owner of the site NZBsRus. Reports are saying that the MPA’s reps had attempted to remove the site by threatening the site host, and when the pressure didn’t work, they went to the site owner.

Money Makes The World Go Round

The website owner apparently doesn’t mind that he is easily found using records kept on the internet. It only took us a few moments. This was one of the major factors in the Newzbin2 case. The owner expressed concern over the issue, but with one of the biggest going down to exactly this thing, it isn’t expected that they will manage to get the site back up again. The owner did assert that private user info is safe from Big Brother’s eyes…but now we’re wondering how long this privacy will last.

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