Transitioning from Torrents to USENET

June 7, 2017

Torrents are all over the news, but they’re not the only option out there. USENET is a viable alternative and, in many ways, a much better choice for downloading. If you want to transition successfully, here are some recommendations that we think will really help you get the most out of it.

Your Provider Matters

Get a quality USENET access provider. We have plenty of them listed on the site. Some of them, like UseNetServer, offer enhancements that protect your privacy, such as free VPN service so you can be protected all around. Other popular USENET providers include ,  Newshosting,  SuperNews  amd/or a block account from Astraweb, among other options. To clarify:

Block Access: Your access is a one-time purchase of a specified amount of data that you can download.
Subscription Access: You typically have unlimited download allotments with a monthly renewal.

See our list of Recommended USENET access providers here

Is USENET Better than Bit TorrentUse NZBGet or SABnzbd

These two programs are the leaders for web-based downloads, and you should install them. They’re time-tested and true. On top of that, they are easy to use.

• NZBGet:

NZB Indexers Are Vital

NZB files are pointer files that allow you to download content. NZB indexers have no content of their own, but you download their NZB files, open them in your downloader, and they allow you to get the releases you’re after. We have an extensive list of them for you to choose form, along with reviews of their service.

See our list of Best NZB sites here


SonArr is a PVR that allows you to download new releases of your favorite videos. It sorts them by season for you and, when a new one goes up, it automatically downloads it for you. We prefer SonArr over Sickbeard and Sickrage, which are two other options.

Setup CouchPotato

This will download video for you automatically, as well. You can search right from the interface and, if the video isn’t there, the program will grab it for you as soon as it finds a suitable copy.

Set up XMBC

This is now known as Kodi, but some old hands at USENET might recommend it to you as XMBC. It’s an incredibly versatile media player that allows you to watch comfortably on televisions and desktop monitors. It’s also open source, and we highly recommend it.

Dealing with the Complications

USENET can be very technical. It tends to be more so than bittorrent and the learning curve is much steeper. You can learn it; however, and once you get the basics down, you’ll see why people love it. If you need one good reason to get started, here it is. You can use all of your bandwidth to download, vastly decreasing your time to grab the content you want!

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