The USENET comp Hierarchy

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019

It should come as no surprise that one of the first USENET newsgroup hierarchies created was the comp hierarchy, which has specifically to do with computers. This hierarchy was created in the mid-80s when the other Big Eight hierarchies were created. Today, it is one of the best known hierarchies on USENET and contains some of the best discussions related to computers in the world.

Usenet Comp

If you ’re not familiar with USENET newsgroup discussions, they tend to differ quite a bit from the discussions youll find on Internet forums. Where computer related topics are concerned, you ’ll find that many of the discussions on Internet forums are actually based around specific products or are commercial sites in and of themselves that require people to purchase subscriptions to see the entire thread where they may or may not find the answers that they ’re looking for.

If you have a [USENET subscription][1], you ’re able to join any group you want them to read all the posts you want. One of the unique characteristics of the USENET makes the comp hierarchy particularly useful to those who love technology.

The USENET is famous for being the place where many very qualified and very knowledgeable individuals go to discuss the topics of the various newsgroups. Because this is the case, you can generally get any computer question you ’ve ever wanted answered addressed by one of the people within the appropriate category in the comp hierarchy.

Like all hierarchies, there are many different groups within this one and youll want a home in on the one that best suits your questions or your interest before you start posting to it. As is the case with many of the other Big Eight hierarchies, many of the groups on this particular hierarchy are moderated, so it ’s important that your posts are on-topic.

The comp hierarchy contains groups that are dedicated to everything from simple computer questions to very advanced topics having to do with computer science. You ’ll find people on these newsgroups who work in the most advanced computer fields in the world and youll find individuals who just have an interest in computer-related hobbies and who gather on the newsgroups to exchange information.

You ’ll find that moderated groups offer quite a bit more in the way of enjoyment than a moderated groups do. All of the posts to these groups have to make it through moderators before they ’re added, so there is no spam.

If you have questions specific to the technology of the system USENET itself, remember that the news hierarchy is generally a better place to ask about it. The comp hierarchy, however, may also prove useful for questions about software and hardware as they are related to USENET.

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