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Online since 2014, is a forum-based NZB indexer that focuses on games. The free account is very limited, but you can make a donation to increase your privileges or, alternately, take the time to rise through the ranks on the forum, which you can do by participating and following the community guidelines. is a very community-oriented site with several membership levels. Highlighted Features

  • Forum-based NZB Indexer
  • Free Account1 Download/Day, Limited Forums
  • VIP AccountUnlimited Downloads and Forum
  • Retention – over days of binary
  • More than 50 Groups Indexed
  • Forum-Based, Manual Posts
  • No Ads
  • Forum for paying users
  • Invites: N/A
  • IRC: Chat on site
  • Integrations: None.
  • Privacy: No
  • Hardware details: Not Disclosed
  • Payment Options: Credit cards

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Donation$15/YearUnlimitedYes0 Status

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Conclusion has a community-oriented feel to it and makes good use of its forums. The site offers membership at several different price points. The highest you’ll pay is $4.50 for a single month, but you can get a discount by subscribing for longer terms of service. The free account is very limited but, for a low price, this site offers a lot for gamers. It’s highly recommended for those in search of a specialty NZB site with an active community.

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5 Comments about Review

  • Avatar of Moke Man
    Moke Man on

    you guys REALLY need to update this article, it Doesn’t ” concentrate on games” as you put it, and if there aren’t any video or audio files as you say, i would really like to know where i have been getting all my stuff from. yes the site DID stop mostly everything for a little while, read about 2 months, because of the same problems that plague other sites, ie MPAA and such, but has been going full on for the past 6 months or longer, hence name change. of all the nzb sites that i have visited/used, would have to be one of the friendliest and easiest sites i have come across. Who am I? I am just a mid 40’s noob who knows SFA about techie type things and everyone at have helped me alot more than quite a few sites that i see you have reviewed and given higher ratings to. I really suggest that the “editor” visit the site again and see everything that has to offer for both us noobs and more experienced people. 😀

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
    Marion Marshall on

    thanks Moke Man. I appreciate the feedback. we will be checking up and updating this review soon

  • Avatar of dave
  • Avatar of THEPITBULL
  • Avatar of TheScurge
    TheScurge on

    The Hive is totally crap now, it went down for about 2 weeks and since coming back online all older posts no longer work, the admin Wolfie isn’t interested in fixing it anymore, after all what is an indexer if you can’t even get a post older than a month now. avoid at all costs

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