The Best Newsreaders of 2015

March 14, 2016

Newsreaders, in many regards, really dictate how your USENET experience is overall. The wrong newsreader can be impossible to navigate, lean in features and not particularly configurable.

We’ve put together a list of the best newsreader options out there. Some of them are complex and some of them are very simple, but all of them will get the job done without fail, whether that’s browsing articles are downloading binaries.


Newsbin has long been and really still is the standard for newsreaders. It has an add-on USENET search feature you can enhance the newsreader with, but it’s not necessary.

Newsbin requires a license, but it’s worth it if you’re a heavy USENET user. It works with NZBs, has a highly configurable interface and is always being updated and improved. The One drawback is that it only works for Windows, so Mac and Linux users can’t get in on this one.


We didn’t want to leave our Mac and Linux using readers hanging, so our number two pick is a newsreader that works with all three major operating systems.

NZBGet also makes the list because it’s very low on resource consumption. For most Mac users, this likely won’t be that significant. Many Linux users revitalize old machines with a light OS like Lubuntu, however, and NZBGet is a perfect downloader for such users. It’s fast, easy to use and really well maintained.


Mimo is only available with a Giganews subscription. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux, so compatibility is not an issue with this newsreader.

Mimo is among the easiest newsreaders to use. It has a tabbed interface and the process of searching and downloading is very straightforward. Downloading from an imported NZB file is also very easy.

If you’re newer to USENET, Giganews makes it easy to find your way around with this included newsreader.


SABnzbd is really a downloader rather than a full-featured newsreader, but for handling NZBs it’s hard to beat. It’s more resource demanding than NZBGet and people with less powerful computers sometimes end up migrating from SABnzbd to NZBGet. For those who stay on SABnzbd, however, there are some real benefits.

Multiple server configurations, repairing broken files and other features work seamlessly on this venerable entry on our list. It’s free, so all you have to do is download it and start searching.

Newshosting Newsreader

Newshosting has a great newsreader included with their service. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and is just as easy to use as Mimo. In fact, whether this or Mimo is the best choice for you will probably depend more upon which USENET provider you want and which interface you prefer, because they’re both outrageously simple to use.

This newsreader is very smooth. You can see for yourself by signing up for a free trial account at Newshosting and testing it out. It handles NZB files, organizes everything so that it’s easy to browse through your search results and, in every other regard, is worth checking out.

Have a favorite newsreader you think should be included? Feel free to let us know. We’ll keep you updated with reviews of any new newsreaders that come along this year.

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