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April 10, 2012

I have to apologize for the lateness of this announcement, we’re not sure where thing went wrong, email, or servers, or what, but we just received this announcement: NewsgroupDirect will be having their Terabyte Tuesday special again. The response they received from the last times they have ran this special warranted the 60% reduction in price again to allow those that missed it to get in on it.

In The Fine Print

For the cost of $40, (the package is usually $100,) you will receive 1.1 TB of NewsgroupDirect access to Usenet with all the NGD bells and whistles. (The .1TB comes from a 10% header allowance.) For moderate users this could mean up to 6 months of Usenet access and downloading. We said all the bells and whistles, here’s some of the highlights:

  • Retention: Up to 1333 days of binary retention available.
  • Security: Included in all accounts free, 128 bit SSL.
  • Account: Non-expiring block account means if it takes you a year to use it…
  • Servers: Some of the most advanced servers available today, located globally, insures great download speeds.

Don’t Be Slow On This One

If you’ve been thinking about Usenet access, then here is a prime opportunity to check things out, but you need to hurry. This special is available to all their present members, and new members equally, but the offer expires at midnight tonight EST…East coast (U.S.) time for those like some of us in our office. Here’s a link to their page for the Terabyte Tuesday deal.

Keep up with all the all the latest in the Usenet communities, or tell us what you think about Terabyte Tuesday. Send a tweet to us at: @usenetreviewz.

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