Surfers Trust Usenet Information More Than Online Sources

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2012

For the last 10 years a unit at the University of Southern California, the Center for the Digital Future, has been conducting a study surrounding the internet, the users, and networking in general. They have been evaluating the strengths, and the consequences of the technologies involved and have found the the effects on our society are œmore profound than ever. Here’s what they found.


The Digital Turning Point

According to the study director, Professor Jeffrey Cole, there are two extremes. At one end of the spectrum they concluded that now there exists the possibility of constant social connection, and the plethora of information available, add to that the virtually unlimited buying power. Ath the other end of the spectrum he found that with this constant connection availability comes more demands on our time, and more concerns about privacy, and the proliferation of technology.

Credibility in Question

The study also found that with the boom in technology came a boom in information. But anyone can publish their own opinion on the internet, so credibility comes into play. The study found that only 15% of the internet users find the information they see there trustworthy. While almost 80% of surfers trusted the info coming from government agencies and established media outlets. In contrast, almost 85% of Usenet newsgroup users find that the info they are seeking to be credible.

The Honor System “ Why Trust It

The manner in which Usenet newsgroups work on the honor system, and encourages intelligent discourse, forms a basis for this level of trust. The moderators of groups that have them has the option of publishing or not publishing a post. And, if if an inaccurate post is put up, it gets flamed, and discredited quickly by the other users and posters. This Honor System keeps the posters on Usenet some of the most well researched, and well informed journalists on the internet…or at least it seems, the most credible.

Usenet Credibility “ Something To Consider

With the trust factor rating so high among users, it’s no wonder that there are people migrating to Usenet access every day. As writers, we find outlandish claims every day on the internet. And in many cases, we attempt to get some kind of verification of the facts through a Usenet sources. There are many newsgroup categories, and often you can find good information being released there instead of on the open internet…even advances by the CERN team come faster than the best of the online news sources.

If you have problems believing what you are reading on the internet, or would like a new way to socialize, newsgroups are a lot like any forum you can find on the internet. Usenet access is only a little more complicated that internet access, but if you use Facebook, you can access Usenet without much problem. To learn more about Usenet, check out our tutorial articles, and the pile of other information we have on Usenetreviewz.

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