SOPA And PIPA Losing Steam, But Nothing Is Guaranteed Yet

January 16, 2012

We’ve been telling you about the proposals in Congress designed to reduce or eliminate the online piracy and copyright infringement problems. We’ve also told you how that while the cause is a great one, the methods outlined in these bills will potentially destroy the internet as we know it. The DNS system that the bills propose do the infringement filtering are far too fragile and well established to interfere with.

Expert And Industry Opposition

In the very beginning, both of these bills enjoyed support from not only the entertainment industry, but almost every big internet company in existence. But, as more and more became apparent, the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Capcom, and many other large internet based corporations, have withdrawn their support for the bills. They all say the same thing, there has to be a better way to protect the copyright holders from infringement other than messing with the DNS system.

In Spite Of Opposition

And the quickly waning support, Rep. Lamar Smith stated that the opposition is unfounded and illegitimate. His plan is to push the bill even harder. In the meantime though, several websites have taken the task up of finding out how badly this legislation could hurt the very people that wrote it. They have found a lot of torrenting going on, an issue we discussed in an earlier article, and another website has even found that one of the principal authors is participating in infringements all to himself on his website.

Vote Coming Up

A vote on the bill is scheduled for January 24th, and neither of the bills are expected get voted through to the President’s desk. But, in Congress, nothing is guaranteed except that œHe who has the most, wins. So the lobbyists on the side of the MPA and RIAA are spending money like crazy trying to get the vote. This is where you come in…

What You Can Do To Help

If you enjoy the internet, and are in the U.S. you will need to take action soon to prevent the lobbyists from gaining the necessary votes. There are a lot of ways, and websites, that are out there that will assist you in letting your legislators know how unhappy you are about these bills. One of the best places we have found, (and also used,) is the website They can help you get in touch with your legislators and tell them what you think of these potentially destructive laws. Once you have done that, let us know about it with a Tweet to us at @usenetreviewz

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