SonArr Moves Away from Trakt to TVDB

January 9, 2015

Last week, a number of users ran into problems when trying to add new series to SonArr. The errors they received for their efforts came in various forms, but the result was the same: the platform wasn’t responding like it should have been.

Sonarr Now with TVDBAccording to SonArr, the problem stems from their use of Trakt. It went down starting on Sunday night for maintenance purposes, but stayed that way into Monday, despite claims that it was supposed to be back up and running by that morning.

It wasn’t until 12 am PST that Trakt finally came back online and SonArr could begin operating with it again. Of course, by then, many had experienced close to 48 hours of delays.

Unfortunately, the residual effects of this problem were many. Originally, it looked like the broken elements of Trakt would be easy enough to fix. 15,000 users would have to update their SonArr accounts to take advantage of them, but that was supposed to be the end of the problem.

After SonArr released its first update, though, it became clear that this wasn’t going to be so simple. It had to be backed out and SonArr went back to work on a new fix.

As for Trakt, they are looking into a long-term plan to help mitigate these issues in the future. No word, though, on what that will entail.

SonArr, on the other hand, is taking steps to ensure this problem does not affect them again down the road. They plan on aggregating data from a number of different sources including TVDB, TVRage and TMDB. TVDB is already available, according to a post SonArr left on Reddit, and it is a post that saw a lot of happy and impressed responders.

If Trakt is able to cure their current ills, SonArr is still open to using them again. However, the aforementioned options will still be available as well, which will provide them with a nice hedge against possible problems reemerging.

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If you were one of the users who was experiencing problems last week, you should now be able to use SonArr. Run an update first, using the version that matches your branch. Even if you use Windows, which should run updates automatically, you may find it necessary to do so manually.

Although this problem definitely interrupted service for many, SonArr addressed the problem quickly and it would seem as though this shouldn’t come up again.

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