September 2010 Usenet Newz

September 23, 2010

It’s well into September already but nonetheless I wanted to publish some Usenet news. September was marked with retention upgrades and new software reviews.  We talked about the differences between the Google groups and the USENET newsgroups w. Gygan – newcomer to the USENET scene has been tested.

Usenet Retention Increases

In the September, several USENET providers increased their retention rates, usually from 600 to 650 days, which is close to two months of retention added. Better retention rates were announced by NewsDemon, Newshosting and UseNetServer.

The differences between the Google groups and USENET newsgroups revealed

Very often, the various Internet forums talk about the differences between the Google groups and USENET newsgroups. Further, many new (but experienced as well) USENET users are interested about these differences as well. Therefore, we took some time to investigate what is it all about. In our investigation, we have thoroughly examined what Google groups really are and what do they offer (especially in comparison with USENET newsgroups).

Finally, it appeared that the main difference is concerning management options, as Google groups have owner who is responsible for particular group. This owner have several authorities over their assigned group, such as removing offensive posts, restricting access to the group and banning disruptive members.

Sneak Peek on new Easynews interface

We were delighted to get a sneak peek of the new Easynews interface. Therefore, we were able to check some of the great new features the Easynews will announce in the next few weeks.

Some of the great features this new interface will allow are advanced search panel, audio search results, video thumbnail, improved image and video search results.

Finally, we have provided few screenshots of all these features so our readers can check how all of this will look like once completely available.

Gygan – the next best thing?

We have thoroughly tested a recent newcomer to the Usenet scene: Gygan. This is lightweight piece of software that combines the best from RapidShare and USENET. It provides very fast uploads and downloads as it provides indirect access to USENET, by using own servers.

Newly registered users get 4GB of free download traffic in the first month, but this value decreases to 1GB afterwards.

Some handy features Gygan offers are:

  • unlimited speeds and storage
  • sharing files and creating content feeds
  • unlimited file size and no restrictions regarding file types

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