Secure Your USENET Access as ISPs Roll Out Six-Strikes Law

April 1, 2013

Secure-Your-USENET-Access-as-ISPs-Roll-Out-Six-Strikes-LawIf you’re a USENET user, you probably already have the tools you need to keep from being spied upon by your ISP. The ISPs have recently rolled out there six-strike policy in regards to Internet piracy. The problem with this policy is that it involves spying on people on the Internet on behalf of the entertainment industry without a warrant and without probable cause. Essentially, you’re being treated as if you are a criminal, whether you’ve ever infringed on anybody’s copyright or not. We’re not advocating piracy here, but we are advocating keeping your privacy intact. If you’re using USENET, here’s how it works.


Our preferred USENET providers all offer SSL encryption. SSL encryption is the same type of encryption that is used by your bank, your credit card company, e-commerce merchants and other Internet entities that need to make certain that the traffic going between their servers and your computer is not intercepted and read.

All you need to secure your USENET access is SSL encryption. All of the quality newsreaders out there have accommodations for using SSL encryption and, in just about every case, activating it is no more difficult than checking a box on the preferences for the program. Because SABnzbd is so popular, the following instructions will show you how to activate SSL encryption on that program. Activating SSL on other programs, such as Newsbin, is equally simple and something you should verify that you have done right now. Read also the Difference between a Newsreader and a News Server on Usenet if your are new to Usenet world.

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If you have SABnzbd, go ahead and open it up in your browser. Along the top left-hand side of the screen you will see an entry labeled “Config”. It has a picture of a wrench by it. Click on that and you will be brought to the configuration window for SABnzbd.

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the link that says Servers. This will give you a list of your USENET servers; most people only have one. Click on the button that says “show details” and you’ll get an expanded description of this server. Near the bottom of that page, you will see a checkbox option that says “SSL” on it. Make sure that this is checked. You will also want to check with your USENET provider to see what port SSL is offered over. Provided you have done this, you are encrypted whenever you are downloading.

Remember that protecting your privacy has nothing to do with protecting piracy. It simply has to do with not wanting to be spied on by people who have no good reason – and arguable authority – to do so.

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