Secure Internet Access in China with VyprVPN

October 5, 2017

If you live in China or another country which prevents you from accessing the unfiltered version of the Internet. One solution would be to use a service like VyprVPN.

vyprvpnWith so much talk about security and Internet filtering of recent, the development of solutions such as VyprVPN is very timely. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a VPN or Virtual Private Network here is the idea in brief. A virtual private network both encrypts all of the data transmitted between you and your VPN and creates an exit point in another geographical location.

In the case of Vyprvpn, your Internet address or IP address can either appear to be originating in either Europe or the USA. If you are in a restricted country such as China you can both browse the Internet unrestricted and get a glimpse of how different the world appears from another electronic perspective.

There are other services like Giganews’ VyprVPN but we are recommending you check out VyprVPN if you are considering a VPN solution because the only way you can presently order VyprVPN is in conjunction with Giganews’s Diamond plan so you would be able to check out Usenet and be able to secure and privatize your life online.

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