SABSheep An Android NZBMatrix Browser With Some Cool Features

October 20, 2011

Over the last few years there have been Android apps developed to control just about everything under the sun via a remote command…except for Usenet related clients. These applications have been becoming more popular lately though, and there has been an increase in development for the more popular clients lately. SABSheep has been one of those developments that has pleased many, and while they have tried hard, there have been just a few that were displeased, but we weren’t among these guys.

SABSheep is an app that will allow you to control your installation of SABnzbd remotely while you are browsing through the NZBMatrix newsgroups. It will allow you to add files to your queue, pause or resume ongoing downloads, check the download history, set the categorizes of your downloads, and check/set download and upload speeds…all remotely from your Android device.

Now, on the downside of all this is the nagging concern: Do you have access to NZBMatrix? But, on the upside of it is the fact: If you don’t have access to NZBMatrix, and do get it. This is one of the top index providers in Europe. In the end, if you already have it, you love it, and if you get it…you will. SABSheep was developed specifically for NZBMatrix, and has a built in VLC player and will stream video, handles nzb files, will display cover art with the search results, allows browsing past the 50 fed limit, and has a built in SABnzbd client, and will remotely control yours other SABnzbd downloads, if you need to.

There is a version of SABSheep that is free, SABSheep Lite. And while this version won’t cost you the $1.29, itwill have limits…and looking at the comments made, the limitations are in the most useful functions. It seems as if the Lite version won’t send your nzb links to SABnzbd. One of the most useful functions we found in the app. We did note a few other issues that people were having, but these were mainly related to the configuration of the SABSheep client.

If you do a lot of downloading from a Usenet source, and are away from your downloading client on occasion, we would highly recommend you have this little application in your Android device. It is well worth the $1.29 to make the remote operation of your SABnzbd client, and the ability to automatically add downloads to the queue available. If you would like to learn more about NZBMatrix or their services you can check out our

NZBMatrix Review.

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