SABnzbd Releases Mobile Phone Applications For Usenet

July 29, 2011

Since the development of the original version of SABnzbd, both amateur and experienced Usenet users have agreed that it is one of the best pieces of software that came to the industry, revolutionizing the way binary files are handled and downloaded.

For those that have not yet been introduced to this smart piece of software, here is a brief introduction; SABnzbd is an open source Binary newsreader that permits users to browse and download binary content on almost every platform available today.

Because it is written in python, it is able to run on almost all operating systems. Owing to its Open Source Licensing and its performance, many developers have been inspired to work on the source code, providing extensions and add-ons that  has led to the creation of a number of apps and some of the most commonly used ones are; nzbdStatus developed for Firefox, SABConnect++ for Chrome, and sick Beard integration.

SABnzbd has proven to be useful in making the management of binary downloads as easy and as fluid as possible with no human interaction. All you need to do is to download and install the app, then browse and add the .nzb files and SABnzbd makes sure that the file is automatically downloaded, verified, repaired, extracted and filed, automating all the steps that users had to manually do before.

While almost every provider of networking has been going to the direction of mobile apps and the portability of applications, SABnzbd is not going to be left behind in the race. They have just released a mobile version of their software  known as SABMobile that allows users to control SABnzbd from Iphones, IPod Touch, I pad, Mobile devices running the Android Operating system and Nokia mobile devices with proprietary OS.

Here are some of the things that SABMobile is capable of;

  • It is capable of Handling configuration for several SABnzbd+
  • Handles several configurations per server (local, https, SSH, ¦)
  • Works with SABnzbd version 0.5.x or greater
  • Connects through HTTP, HTTPS (SSL) or HTTP over SSH
  • Works over WIFI, EDGE and 3G
  • Lists downloads on your server
  • Can pause/resume/remove downloads
  • Displays download rates, downloaded size, progress, etc¦
  • Can change category of a downloading task
  • Supports auto refresh (can be disabled if connected in 3G, to reduce internet traffic)
  • Can add direct link downloads (if copied from somewhere else)
  • Can specify the category when adding a download
  • Provides a web view to directly add files to download while browsing
  • Manages cookies
  • Supports RSS feeds
  • List new files to be downloaded in RSS feeds (1 click download)
  • Can search for any file through configurable searchers
  • Supports private searchers (see website)
  • Includes, NZBMatrix, MysterBin and NewzBin search engines pre-configured
  • Can shutdown/restart server from the settings!

Now that™s a cool package of functionalities!

While SABMobile has been receiving favorable acclaim from users worldwide, to add the icing to the cake, it has just received approval in the iTunes App store where it is reportedly doing very well with a rating of 4.5 which is good indeed and prospects to be better as the popularity grows.

While we enjoy the capabilities of SABnzbd and SAbMobile, I can’t wait to see what this project is going to bring to our plates in the near future!

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