SABnzbd Releases 0.7.5 Update

November 13, 2012

SABnzbd has released version 0.7.5, which fixes some issues that users may have noticed, particularly advanced users. There are also some improvements that are related to the look of the program, which will come as good news to those who invested in a good screen.


There are a few bug fixes that should be happy news for users. First, a bug fix has been introduced into the new version that prevents stuck jobs at the beginning of the pre-check. Some users may have noticed issues with special characters and accented characters in file names. These will now be handled properly in the updated version of SABnzbd.

The “Read” button had been exhibiting some issues for users when an RSS feed contained the “&” character. That bug has been fixed, as well, making the program more usable.

If you had problems with SFV files crashing during post-processing, that bug has been fixed. The new version also fixed the %dn formula issue with Generic Sort, and it is now added into the program.

Features Added

NZBMatrix users will now be able to check their category tables from within SABnzbd. The new update also adds the special options’ empty_postproc’ and ‘prio_sort_list’, which should be good news for very advanced users, which many SABnzbd users are, of course.

If you went ahead and got a Macintosh computer and you were a bit disappointed about the look of SABnzbd on your screen, you be glad to see the retina display compatible menu bar icons that have been added to the program. This should give you the smooth and easy to read appearance you’ve been looking for and, of course, allow you to get the most out of OS X and its tremendous display capabilities.

Always Updating

SABnzbd has always gotten high marks from us because of, in part, the fact that it is regularly updated. You can download this program for free, install it on Windows or Macintosh computers – or Linux, if you’re particularly technically savvy – and enjoy all of its features. Open source technology, a very active community that keeps developing and redeveloping the program and many great features all make this a winning choice for people who want a newsreader that allows them to get the best of the USENET and to use their technical skills to customize that experience in some very creative and useful ways.

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