SABNzbd and CouchPotato Roll Out New Versions

June 30, 2013

Two of the biggest programs on USENET have rolled out new versions over May.

SABNzbd and CouchPotato Roll Out New VersionsSABNzbd released version 0.7.12 on May 22. This version fixes several issues that users might of been having problems with. The update fixes an issue that occurred with memory overflow when very large files were joined. An issue with encryption detection has also been fixed in the new version. The version has also been changed so that name sorting is not case sensitive, it also uses the “abort when completion not possible” method in pre-download checks and to save job data to a disk after the password and other attributes of the job have been changed. The new version also stops SABNzbd from trying to join a single X.000 file.


SABNzbd and CouchPotato Roll Out New Versions1CouchPotato has released a new version, that adds quite a few new features. Some user interface tweaks have been added in this new version and some new providers have been added, as well. There have also been several fixes added to the new release.

Users on Reddit have said that there may be some issues that users could experience when they download the new version of CouchPotato. One poster recommends that users revert back to the old DLL and EXT files, clear out the update folders and back up their databases. After doing so, the update can be attempted again.

Failing this, users can install CouchPotato manually. There were several complaints of bugs on the Reddit forums, however, so those who download this new version may want to anticipate some difficulties, though this may not be true for all users.

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Users who utilize either or both of these programs may want to look at the homepages and download the updates as soon as they can to take advantage of the new features, bug fixes and other tweaks to these popular USENET offerings.

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