SABConnect Review

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019

SABConnect Review
Rating 3 Stars
Price Free
Features SABConnect Software
Google Chrome Extension
But Functional

SABconnect++ is a fork of the now unmaintained Chrome extension

This is for the Google Chrome browser and has a similar function as SABDrop, but adds a few functions that many had wished were in SABDrop. For those that don’t know or remember, SABDrop is a Chrome Add-On that sends your nzb downloads to SABnzbd.

Sabconnect 1

Adds Send To for SABnzbd on context menu

Sabconnect 2

Supports API Keys and User name/Passwords.

Page action that will automatically scan web pages for NZB links.

As we said, SABConnect++ has all those features and a few more.

Sabconnect 3

Connection Profiles

  • A popup window that will not only show you the download speed, but let you control it.

  • Pause/Resume individual or all downloads.

  • Delete individual downloads from queue.

  • Notifications on your desktop of download completions.

  • Single click downloading from certain website. (See list below.)

Looking into the known issues, there is only one. It occurs in a very specific situation that many would not encounter anyways. There are website specific functions that will operate on the following websites:,,,,,,,, and For each of these sites there is a single button download.

This add-on has received a lot of praise from everyone who has tried it so fat, including us. We have beeen impressed with all we have seen so far. Compared to SABDrop, SABConnect++ is ten times the app, and worth it at double the cost, which is nothing…both apps are free.

Visit  SABConnect
Visit SABConnect
Visit SABConnect

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