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follow us in feedlyLatest Updates.In most cases, this is what you will be interested in following. This is our RSS feed that is encapsulated by feedburner.

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Our audio only version of our video podcast. Learn whats happening in the world of Usenet with our audio podcast.

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Be notified when we review a new Usenet service provider or when a new misc. piece of Usenet related software is reviewed.

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What is RSS ?

If you are a Usenet user, I’m assuming you are pretty tech savvy but just in case. Here is a good explanation of what RSS :

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enables you to easily get fresh content sent directly to you whenever an update is made on any of the favorite sites you select. RSS uses XML  to share and distribute content.

Typically, RSS technology is integrated into almost all modern browsers so presently (May 2014) it is very easy to subscribe to an RSS feed unless you have the Chrome browser, in which case you would need an online newsreader service like Feedly

In subscribing to an RSS feed you eliminate the need to surf the entire Web to find the information you desire. Instead, you can just receive the headlines and summaries of topics that interest you in one convenient location. Should you want to read more on a particular item, you simply click the link to access the full story.

There are a number of ways you can receive one or more RSS feeds from UsenetReviewz. You can install a news reader (RSS aggregator) or use an online newsreader such as Feedly, bloglines,

For more information on RSS readers — take a look at this wikipedia article on RSS readers – personally I would recommend an online newsreader – my favorite is Feedly

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