Retention Rates On The Rise

December 19, 2010

Retention rates for all the major Usenet providers continue to climb and this is good news for everyone as retention seems to be increasing pretty dramatically across ALL PROVIDERS

Side Note: Thanks to some sophisticated programming, the retention rates published on UsenetReviewz are updated nightly so you can do all your comparisons right here. Specifically our best Usenet provider page lists all of our providers in an easy to understand comparison format where you can see retention and pricing at a glance.

But anyways, here is briefly what has happened of April 2010

  • Giganews — 2367 — Giganews continues to be in the lead and as of this article (April 2010) and has recently crossed the 600 day barrier and is onwards and upwards towards 700!
  • Supernews — 2357 — Supernews , an excellent value, has jumped up to 400 days
  • PowerUsenet — 2357 — Powerusenet shot up from 400 to 500 days.
  • — 2357 — also shot up from 400 to 500 and continues to offer a great price performance.
  • Astraweb— 4005 — Singapore based Astraweb continues to nip at the heels of Giganews and will cross the 600 day barrier by mid April 2010
  • UsenetServer— 4025 — UsenetServer continues to keep pace with Giganews and Astraweb

Here is a notice abour retention that Giganews posted on their website:

Giganews is proud to announce that we’re the first Usenet provider with 600 days of retention! Giganews now provides 600 days of retention with the same high quality and service you’ve come to expect. And we’re still growing! We continue to increase retention to provide Giganews customers with the best Usenet experience available.

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