PSA: AT&T Copyright Warnings Include Threat Of Termination Of Service For Persistent Piracy

September 16, 2014

When it was implemented earlier this year, the Center for Copyright Information said that no “Termination of Service” mitigation measures would be used by any of the ISPs enrolled in the The Copyright Alert System. And whether it is on the fault of the CCI, or AT&T, this promise to the AT&T customers has been broken, (though it would be assumed that the blame be placed on the issuer of the letter that TorrenFreak has obtained.

On their website, the CCI claims that, “While ISPs can modify the Mitigating Measures in a manner consistent with their policies, ISPs will not use account termination as a Mitigating Measure.” Hmmm, and when we look at the letter that TorrentFreak has posted it says, “the AUP applies to all users of your account, and could result in mitigating measures including limitation of internet access, or even suspension, or termination.” The letter includes a footnote that explains that repeat infringers can be terminated under “appropriate circumstances,” but doesn’t explain what those “circumstances” could be.

So this is a PSA to all of our readers, BE FOREWARNED: If you receive one of these notices from the CAS, take steps to protect yourself from further notices and the possibility of service termination. Here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • NEVER: Download material you know is infringing.
  • If you’re not sure: Then don’t download or share.
  • If you can’t stand it: and still aren’t sure, then use HTTPS://, NNTP, or a VPN.
  • Cloak your connection: is a good place to start looking for cloaking software. We recommend VPN Gate for a freebie, and PureVPN for a paid service.

Educate yourself: At UsenetReviewz, we do not advocate piracy of any kind. The CCI is, (though we don’t like admitting it,) a good source of information. There are lots of good ways to get the media legally.

So, there you have it, our first PSA. Even though the CCI claimed that participants wouldn’t be terminating the service of anyone accused of copyright infringement, AT&T threatened it via their TOS and AUPs. But there are lots of viable alternatives to copyright infringement, there’s Netflix, and a lot of legitimate ways to get the music, movies, and content that you so desire…

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