Protect Your NZB Site from FACT

March 20, 2014

Protect Your NZB Site from FACTFACT is the Federation Against Copyright Theft. It’s a front organization for Hollywood, operating principally in the UK. The organization has managed to shut down several NZB sites recently, something that the owners of those NZB sites may have made very easy for FACT.


If you have WhoIs information about your site readily available, you can expect a call, email or even a visit to your home from the FACT goons. The organization combs for information related to sites that it wants to shut down and sends threatening emails to the owners. In several cases—and understandably so—this has proven enough of a deterrent to get people to shut down their sites.

One of the telltale signs that FACT has shut down a site can be found by looking at the WhoIs information for any site that you’ve noticed has gone missing. If FACT has taken it down, they’ll likely have taken over the domain name. If this is the case, their contact email will show up in the WhoIs listing for the site.

Spreading Their Reach

FACT is based in the UK, but the TPP agreement that’s currently being considered—a secret trade agreement that has wide-ranging effects on the Internet—could make them more influential outside the borders of the UK. If you’re located on the other side of the Atlantic, you likely don’t have much to worry about from this organization as of yet, but the TPP could change that.

The hallmark tactics of FACT all involve intimidation. The organization will usually start with emails. If you happen to have your phone number on your WhoIs information, you can expect a ring from the organization. Of course, if they can get your address, you may get a knock on your door from the organization, as well, which could be rather unpleasant.

protect your privacy

Avoiding FACT

You can anonymize your WhoIs information through various services. Even if you’re not running an NZB site, this is not a bad idea, as it increases your overall privacy. If you are approached by FACT, expect them to threaten legal action and to demand that you sign over ownership of your domain to the organization. It’s likely that FACT is going to continue bullying site owners as long as it’s easy for them to get contact info, so be sure to hide yours if you’re in the UK, and don’t necessarily expect that hiding your information will throw them off for long.

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