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Rating3 Stars
Price€6.99 / Month
Retention1000 Days
Free TrialNone
FeaturesMany Services
Many Services
VPN Service Add On offers USENET access in addition to a host of other Internet- and privacy related services. Compared to other USENET access providers, however, their download speeds are far from impressive.

Quick Facts

  • Several Different Tools Included with Subscription
  • Easy File Downloads
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • SSL Privacy Protection
  • Web Interface

Binary Retention

Binary retention figures for this provider are set at approximately 1,000 days. Keep in mind that retention times do vary somewhat between different newsgroups and between different content types on this provider.

Pricing uses a pricing model based upon a fair use system. This makes purchasing services from this provider a bit more complicated than it is from other providers. There is also a points system involved with subscribing to the service. Because the system is quite complicated, the pricing policy is reproduced verbatim below. Each term has a different price option, depending upon how many points you want for each month.

“ gives you 1000 points per 30 days. Since 1 point is 1 GiB of transferred data, you get to use the services for up to 1000 GiB in that period. Some services are calculated with the use of a factor. A factor is used when the filehoster is especially troublesome or very expensive.”

1 Month  €8,99  
1 Months  €10,00  
3 Months  €19,99  
3 Months  €25,00  
9 Months  €50,00  
12 Months  €59,99  

Free Trial info

There is no free trial available from this provider.

Special Offers / Coupons

There are no coupons available from this provider at present. Remember that we always try to share any special offers we get with our readers, so be sure to check back if you’re interested in getting a coupon from this provider. We will let you know if makes one available.

Speed Test doesn’t have the kind of speed we would like to see in a USENET provider. Therefore, we really can’t recommend them as a primary USENET access service. On NZB downloads, some of the speed testing we did failed to exceed 300 kb per second.

Premiumize.Me Speed Test


You’re allowed a maximum of 10 connections to the news servers for the service. This should be enough connections for most people but it’s important to keep in mind that, when we did test this service, it wasn’t particularly fast, so don’t expect to get impressive download rates, even if you use all 10 connections.

News Servers / Ports / Configuration


Unsecure Port: 119

Secure (SSL) Port: 563

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: This service seems quite complicated. Is this a standard USENET access provider?: does provide USENET access, but it offers a host of other services, as well. These include VPN, VoIP, smart DNS and a variety of other offerings. In some regards, is a sort of Swiss Army knife of Internet tools, which include USENET access among them. The service also provides browser add-ons and more. It is complicated, and some users might not even really understand why or how to use some of the services provided.
  • Q: Is their VPN service as good as what other providers offer?: Not really. If you want a VPN service to go along with your USENET access, we highly recommend you take a look at what our best providers offer, as they do have better options for VPN service. The VPN service offered with includes servers in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Singapore. For some of our readers, those servers are going to be located a significant geographical distance from where the user is located, and that means slower speeds.
  • Q: Do I have to use a downloader with the USENET service?: Yes. While you can access file downloads over the web interface provided by, they do recommend that you use a standard USENET downloading program to download binaries. We have extensive information on downloaders available on this site, but some of the big names you might want to check out include SABnzbd, NZBVortex, and Alt.BInz. All of these are big names in USENET and, if you need more information beyond what you find on our site, you’ll find no shortage of it on forums and on the websites for the tools themselves.
  • Q: Is it safe to pay with Bitcoin?: Yes, it’s generally safe to use Bitcoin to conduct transactions online. For users who live in jurisdictions where the authorities might frown upon obtaining USENET access, using crypto currency is one of the better ways to protect your privacy. Just keep in mind that crypto currencies and other measures will protect your privacy, but that guaranteeing total anonymity is another thing entirely.


You can access a ticketing system for any questions you might have at the following link:

Contact Information

31F Cinachem Century Tower
178 Gloucester Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Security /Company Privacy Policy says that they take measures to protect personal information gleaned from their website, including your payment information.

Payment Options accepts PayPal, Webmoney and Bitcoin for payment.

Our Opinion has a very complicated pricing system, which is likely to make the sometimes already difficult transition to using USENET for new users even more difficult than it should be.

The point system is not convenient and, where the allocations are concerned, they are generous, but only in cases where you make use of one service. If you start using every service, you’re going to find yourself burning through those points rather quickly.

Because what we’re looking at for this review is, primarily, USENET access, we really can’t recommend for most of our readers. The download speeds are far too slow for a USENET service. In fact, if you go with any of our best providers, it’s more than likely going to be the case that the provider will actually offer a faster download speed than your broadband connection can even accommodate. That won’t prevent you from getting your full bandwidth dedicated to downloads, but it does go to show that, these days, there’s really no reason to go with a USENET provider that can’t give you blazing fast speed. If you’re interested in some of the other tools offers, the service might be worth it, but we simply cannot recommend it to anyone who is looking at it primarily as a way to access USENET and to download binaries. It’s too complicated and our best providers offer better deals and far less complicated billing.

Altenatives To

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