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Price €6.99 / Month
Retention 1000 Days
Free Trial No Free Trial
Features Many Services
Many Services
VPN Service Add on
Payment Multiple Payment Options offers binary USENET access, along with VPN, VoIP, Multi Filehost and Geo Unrestrict services. It’s sort of a Swiss army knife of Internet tools centered on downloading and privacy protection. The service also offers plugins that you can use with your browser, binary downloaders and other software.

Binary Retention

Retention times are approximately 1,000 days. This figure may vary for specific newsgroups or content types, according to


Pricing on this service is a bit more complex than with most. It’s based on a fair use system, which is detailed below. The subscription prices for their premium service, which includes 1,000 points, are:

  • 1 Month for 6,99 EUR
  • 1.5 Months for 10,00 EUR
  • 3 Months for 18,99 EUR
  • 4 Months for 25,00 EUR
  • 6 Months for 34,00 EUR
  • 9 Months for 50,00 EUR
  • 12 Months for 54,99 EUR

You can pay with a bank wire, Paysafecard, Visa/MC, over SMS or by phone, with Bitcoin orwith Sofor.

Points System

The points system is part of the Fair Use policy. According to the site:

“ gives you 1000 points per 30 days. Since 1 point is 1 GiB [sic] of transferred data, you get to use the services for up to 1000 GiB [sic] in that period. Some services are calculated with the use of a factor. A factor is used when the filehoster is especially troublesome or very expensive.”

Some services, as the policy states, have very high factors. For instance, has a 10.00 factor. The more expensive the service, the higher the factor. If you’re going to use any of this provider’s services, be sure you check the factor before you do, so you’re aware of how much you’re going to have to pay in terms of points.

Free Trial

Not available.


Not available.


Speed on this service is too slow to recommend it as a primary USENET service provider. On several different NZB downloads, speeds failed to exceed 300Kbps. The maximum number of connections allowed is ten.


SSL downloads are available over port 563. Unsecured downloads can be performed over port 119.

Other Nice Features

The plugins section includes a variety of tools for various browsers, binary downloaders and more.

Interface offers some of its services directly over its website, which is straightforward enough. For downloading over USENET, they recommend that you use Sabnzbd, NZBVortex or Alt.Binz, all three of which should be familiar to anyone who uses USENET.

VPN Service

The VPN service offers servers in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, and Singapore.

The service uses the OpenVPN protocol. In order to connect, you’ll have to download the OpenVPN software and the configuration files from Instructions are provided for manually configuring the VPN connection on other operating systems, including Mac OS and mobile devices.


The Downloader service works via browser add-ons and by directly entering a link into the backend of the site. Torrents, magnets, DLC, CCF and RSDF formats are supported. Streaming services and file hosting services are both supported.

Geo Unrestrict

This is basically a Smart DNS service that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on content. Remember to check the points factor for any service you’re using, as some of them may have a higher factor and, thus, deplete your points at a faster rate than others.

Torrent offers a cloud torrent service that downloads the torrents you want on your behalf. You have the option of streaming the downloaded material once it’s complete or, alternately, you can download the file directly to your computer. You perform the download through the interface.


The VoIP service allows you to make calls worldwide. There are mobile apps available for this service. You also have the option of setting your Caller ID so that anyone you call gets the correct number.

VoIP is included as part of your package. There’s a button in your profile that allows you to activate the credit for this service.

Conclusion is diverse in terms of the services it offers, to say the least. The point system makes things a bit more complicated than they need to be. The allocations are generous enough, provided you really only use one service. Between downloading binaries, torrents, streaming content and using the other services available through this provider, however, you might find yourself burning through the points rather quickly, particularly if you prefer a service that has a high factor.

Where the USENET service specifically is concerned, it is far too slow to serve as a primary means of downloading binaries, given the much faster alternatives on the market.

Recommendation has its uses. As a backup for just about every other service you use, it might be suitable. As a specialist USENET service, however, any of our recommended providers are more convenient, much faster and provide a higher level of service.

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