Popular Newsreader Now Has Free Version

March 8, 2017

If you’ve been using the Alt.Binz newsreader, there’s now a free version on the market. If you’re thinking about switching to a new reader, this may provide you with just the reason to do so. This new version has most of the features that make Alt.Binz popular. There are some limitations. There are also some versions of this newsreader floating around that are “free” in the sense that they are cracked and that users should be aware of.

The Free Version

The free version of Alt.Binz has all of the features that make the regular version easy to use. It will automatically handle PAR files for you, will unpause missing PAR2 blocks and will even handle repairs. The free version of Alt.Binz will also take care of uraring the files for you, as well, allowing you to skip this step and to get to your files without having to use a third program to unzip them.

The program also allows you to browse your newsgroups easily and to manage any articles that you want to maintain access to. Overall, the free version only lacks the ability to change the skin of the program and the ability to use the search engines included in the full version of the program. Obviously, this free version is designed to serve as an enticement to get people to by the full version of Alt.Binz.

Illegal Versions

To make sure you do not get confused, there are cracked versions of Alt.Binz floating around, as well. According to the Alt.Binz website, these versions of the newsreader are infected with a Trojan that sends passwords and other information to an attacker. You’ll want to make sure you’re downloading the official free version of the program from the developer’s site.

Newsreaders and Features

Alt.Binz and other newsreaders are primarily differentiated by their features and how they handle multimedia and compressed files. Alt.Binz is among the most popular of the lot, with over 1 million downloads and plenty of features. Other options include Newsbin and Mimo, both of which have similar features to Alt.Binz. If you’re interested in trying out a new newsreader to explore the USENET system, consider giving Alt.Binz a try. The free version should give you enough of the basic information about this newsreader for you to decide whether or not you want to buy it and whether or it would make a more desirable option than the newsreader you’re currently using.

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