Perfect 10 Not Coughing Up Giganews’s Money

December 16, 2015


Perfect 10, a notorious copyright troll, owes Giganews $5.6 million. To date, they haven’t paid any of it, and it’s been eight months since a court ruled that the USENET access provider was owed money.

Not Paying When It’s Their Turn

Perfect 10 was infamous for its copyright trolling activities before it ever took Giganews to court. Over the years, the company had sued Google and other big names.

Aside from trolling, Perfect 10 is most notable as a porn company. According to Ars Technica, the owner of Perfect 10,  Norman Zada, has filed between 20 and 30 lawsuits to date.

The same source also reveals that Zada has lost in excess of $50 million, but he writes off Perfect 10’s losses from his personal income taxes, according to court documents.

The documents go on to say that, where Zada’s lawsuits regarding copyright infringement against Perfect 10 are concerned:

“…the evidence reveals that Zada’s interest in the copyrights held by his “tax write-off” is solely in litigation.”

That is the definition of a copyright troll.

Zada seems to have met his match in Giganews, however. Perfect 10 sued Giganews for alleged copyright infringement. Perfect 10 accused the USENET access provider of inducing and assisting in copyright infringement and said the company had “virtual warehouses” that held billions of dollar’s worth of copyrighted materials.

Giganews won the day in court in November of 2014, when the court found that Giganews was not liable for what their customers do with the service the company sells.

The US District Court for the Central District of California ordered Perfect 10 to pay Giganews’s costs related to the lawsuit, including their attorney fees.

The final total amounted to $5.6 million.

According to TorrentFreak, Perfect 10 hasn’t come up with any of the money as of yet.

Giganews has requested a writ of execution. Those orders oftentimes result in the debtor’s possessions being seized and in other actions designed to allow the party owed to collect what they’re due.

TorrentFreak also mentions that, to date, Perfect 10 has gotten more than $8,000 further into its debt to Giganews, due to interest requirements that were part of the judgment.

Not a Legit Player

Perfect 10’s debt comes on the heels of being rebuked by judges and garnering a reputation as the worst type of copyright troll. Their tactics have been criticized before.

It seems, however, that if Perfect 10 is in the business of filing lawsuits, they may want to look at another way to generate profits, at least based on their recent performance.

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